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    Have me some questions

    1. Is there a way to register with the Fleet Wiki?
    2. IF not, who do I speak to to get registered?
    3. Are members allowed to keep their char Bios on the Wiki?
    4. or is the Wiki for General Fleet Info and no user is allowed to put their char Bios on and maintain them?

    I ask these as I cannot see a register option on the wiki and tbh I do not know the rules as in regards to the Wiki.

    5. How do I attach my character signature when I get one made up please? As I make my own,

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    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for asking those questions. I can certainly help you in that regard.
    1. There isn't a way to register for the Fleet Wiki. At this time, only the Infobase (Wiki) staff and the BFA is allowed access.
    2. The person in charge is myself. We are definitely looking to expand our Infobase staff. If you are interested, please shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to discuss things with you.
    3. No. We implemented the Bravo Fleet Management System in January, and all who register there are able to place their bios on the site. Here is a prime example of how this is accomplished. The reason for doing this was simple. Character bios are property of the player, period. On the wiki, everyone with access is allowed to edit, and that is a violation of our Fleet Policies. This also helps keep the wiki clean and focused on Fleet Information. So, character bios should only be on the BFMS, not the wiki.
    4. The wiki is for general Fleet Info. To date, we have over 60 sims on the roster, and because this is a very collaborative environment, we encourage submissions from all of our sims. That said, we are working on a submission process to make that easier, as we know it is a bit complicated. So far, to date, nearly 100 ship/base/support craft specifications have been submitted by a committee composed mainly of players, several new planets and systems have been added, an entire Task Force's background has been updated thanks to the fine work of the players of 38, and the list goes on.
    I feel that I might have rambled a bit too much, but I hope your questions have been answered.


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      Originally posted by Paul73 View Post
      5. How do I attach my character signature when I get one made up please? As I make my own,

      Just saw this as your edit came through after I posted. In the upper left, click on Paul73, then User Settings.

      Select Account Settings.

      Scroll down until you get to Conversation Detail Options. There you should see "Edit Post Signature"


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        The other reason we (Wiki Staff) don't allow any Bio or Sim pages on the wiki is the enormous work that brings with it. In the old wiki, we had so many character bio's and outdated sim pages that we choose to step away from it and redirect all information towards the BFMS. Now you might notice that there are some references to sims and characters, but this is purely due history events that have affected Bravo Fleet in a whole.


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          Thanks Those questions answered.
          Last edited by Paul73; 08-03-2017, 03:49 PM. Reason: Found out myself on the question I was going to ask.


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            Wonderful! If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask here, PM or on Discord.