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    I was trying to post a little while ago on the Creative Corner some images of my graphic artwork. Unfortunately, the images were coming out too small. I tried to do the URL link, download from my computer, etc... They are just not the correct size at all? Is this why the posts that had images are not on there anymore? Just wanted to let someone be aware of this if it hasn't been addressed.

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    Hi Gaius. Personally, I have not used the image uploader before, and knowing how quirky the server is, I would recommend that you use a resource such as Imgur to host your images, and then just link the URL here on the forums. The Forums do make it easy enough with BBC code to embed a URL or Image Link.

    Hope this helps.


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      Yeah, it took me a bit of work but, I figured out the issue and got some images up on the forums now. thanks for your reply greenfelf22