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March 2016 Player of the Month

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  • March 2016 Player of the Month

    The Hall of Honours team is proud to congratulate the following players on being awarded the Player of the Month award for March 2016. The Player of the Month (of a Task Force) has shown superior roleplaying ability for the past month. They are nominated by their respective CO upon which the award is issued on behalf of the TFCO by the Hall of Honour, so it is important that you get your nominations in each month. Can we all please congratulate these fine simmers in our community on being named March 2016 Players of the Month. Your awards will shortly be confirmed to you all on the Bravo Fleet Wiki.

    Task Force 9 Player of the Month: Jerrod - Lieutenant Commander Walsh; USS Black Hawk
    When he's not involved in the main plot, he always finds something incredible to write about. And when he is involved in the main plot, his contributions are simply fantastic! For his Captain, writing with Walsh is one of the best things about commanding the USS Black Hawk.

    Task Force 38 Player of the Month: Commander Damien Porter; USS Tempest
    This player has really made a large impact within the sim and is always willing to pitch in to assist with anything that the CO requests. He has been heavily involved with almost 35% of the posts coming from the USS Tempest.

    Task Force 72 Player of the Month: Captain Nelson Harrison; Deep Space 12
    Since he returned from an LOA, he has really taken the simulation from strength to strength. He is always posting, always communicating and just looking at his last couple of posts, he is working with as many crew as he can to really advance the storyline of Deep Space 12. He is never one to be afraid to offer a suggestion and see it shot down in flames, and has recently taken on the responsibility of leading one of the canon storylines that Task Force 72 operates around, building from what information is already known, and inputting what Deep Space 12 has been doing to really push along that storyline. He is a great asset to Task Force 72 and a fine awardee.

    Task Force 93 Player of the Month: Lieutenant Autumn Yamaguchi; IKS Hurgh maS
    For being an active member of the IKS Hurgh maS and being a vital member of the crew and keeping the sim going through the rough parts.

    Task Force 99 Player of the Month: Admiral Deela T'Lar, SB400
    Mel has always been helpful and a key member of SB400 but while I was on LOA for the last recently, she kept the sim active and we received two new members. Mel also helps to get SB400's Facebook groups updated as well as posting recruitment ads.

    Former Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
    Please Note: Not a Current Member of the BFA or TF72 Staff

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    Congrats to everyone! Awesome month!


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      Congrats towards all involved!!


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        Congratulations to everyone, well deserved!

        Bravo Fleet CO - 1997-2005. Also former BFXO, BFJAG, BFOps, TF44 CO, TF58 CO, TF99 CO.


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          Congrats, all! Fantastic work!
          Emily Wolf


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            Congratulations to everyone! Though, Go Jerrod of Black Hawk!!!
            CO - USS Beifong