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Feb 2017 Monthly Awards

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  • Feb 2017 Monthly Awards


    Today I come with this month's winners of the Sim and Player of the Month for each TF. COs please remember to submit your nominations in with your monthly reports so your TF Staff can review them. This is an important award and helps recognize those who are making extraordinary strides for the group as a whole.

    Sim of the Month:
    TF9: USS Solstice
    TF38: USS Shepherd
    TF72: USS Cairo
    TF93: USS Venture
    TF99: USS Triumphant

    Player of the Month:
    TF9: Lt. JG Gemma Alexander, USS Black Hawk
    She has been with us for more than a year, and she always brings a burst of energy to any JP she is a part of. She is always eager for a chance to shine, and never hesitates to participate.
    TF38: Captain Bahrat Noth, USS Equinox
    Great help all around in the TF as a whole.
    TF72: Lieutenant Van Kolbeck, USS Pandora
    He has been a strident contributor to group posts and discussions, as well as initiating posts with the majority of the crew.
    TF93: Brenk, USS Southern Cross
    Great new addition to the crew; has excelled and has a willingness to learn new things.
    TF99: Commander Sam Rosso, USS North Star
    Creating a plot twist within the SIMMs Mission.

    Congratulations to all the winners this month!
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    Josh Hina

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    Congratulations everyone

    Former Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
    Please Note: Not a Current Member of the BFA or TF72 Staff


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      Good work every one.

      Lieutenant Commander Bal-Retorin: Chief Engineer- Carnwennan Station-TF 72
      Lieutenant Hamilton Long: Chief Engineer - Endeavour NX-06 - TF 99
      Lieutenant JG Roland Hill: Chief Engineer - USS Akagi NCC-57508 - TF 38


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        Congratulations to all the winners well deserved
        Formerly Lt General Jagged Anderson Academy Commandant
        Formerly Rear Admiral Diego Macedo TFCO Task Force 38


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          I'd like to thank my players for the Triumphant winning SotM for TF99. Congratulations to everyone else who won, too!