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Weekly Awards - Sept 1st

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  • Weekly Awards - Sept 1st

    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the awards thread for this week; I am sorry that it was a bit delayed. Soon we will also be handing out the Sim and Player of the Month but that is for later. For now we have two awards to convey this week. It is my honor to convey the following awards.

    Dedication Citation - 6 Months
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Matthew O'Daire (Syr_Donahue)

    Community Recognition Ribbon
    Lieutenant Tyvan Naros (Aaron)
    Aaron was awarded the Community Recognition Ribbon for his contributions and assistance on the USS Saturn. In particular he helped the CO with website issues, recruiting and designing images for the sim.

    On behalf of the Hall of Honour congratulations guys!


    Josh Hina (Plays Captain Yuka Layton)
    Bravo Fleet Hall of Honour
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    Josh Hina