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Monthly Awards for October 2017

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  • Monthly Awards for October 2017

    It is that time again! Time to announce the Monthly award winners for the month of October 2017.

    Player Of The Month:

    Captain Garridan Rismore, Commanding Officer USS Jericho:
    JP is the only CO that has without interruption been a part of Task Force 9 ever since I first joined as TFXO several years ago. Throughout the years he has consistently led the Jericho in good and bad times and while real life circumstances have forced him to cut down on his simming obligations he has definitely left an impact on the Task Force for years to come.

    Warrant Officer Mikaree Kah'Reeispo, Intelligence Officer USS Infinity:
    for a creative series of posts making rounds throughout the Infinity.

    Lieutenant Tolkath S'chqenr T'Jedf Tolkath, Chief Science Officer USS Traveller :
    When given a single thread of plot by the GM, Tolkath spun it out into a fantastic bit of world building. Well written, well spoken, and fit into the sim perfectly.

    Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas, Executive Officer USS Tornado:
    The Tornado XO has been the example of how a first officer should act, he has taken lots of the burden of the Captain's shoulders and proven over and over that he is more than able to run the Tornado without problems.

    Captain Madalina Weisz, Executive Officer USS Triumphant:
    Captain Weizz of the USS Triumphant is continuing to be an excellent and communicative Executive Officer both in and out of character. She contributes heavily to every mission and goes out of her way to make sure the players feel welcome while sending the characters scurrying for cover at the mention of the Red Queen.

    Sim Of The Month:

    USS Solaria:
    The Solaria has proven to be a productive and entertaining addition to the Task Force. The crew manages to write a compelling story and shows strong community-building.

    USS Infinity:
    For its rapid growth and high post frequency from being just a new sim a few months ago.

    Memory Theta:
    For being a new and unique simming experience, providing an interesting and challenging concept into Trek writing.

    USS Kumari:
    whilst most sims (not all) in the Task Force had slow months in terms of posts, it was then rather required to focus just only on the quality of material produced this month rather than a pool of several factors. In the quality of reading this month, I felt the USS Kumari read with a nice flow.

    USS North Star:
    The North Star has received two nominations and recently finished a mission and are now delving into character development as a whole instead of individual basis.

    Congratulations to all who have won this month.
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    Congratulations to everyone!


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      Indeed, congratulations!!!

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        Congratulations to all involved!