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Monthly Awards for November 2017

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  • Monthly Awards for November 2017

    It is time again to announce the winners of the Player of the Month and Sim of the Month for November 2017. So with out further ado here they are.

    Player Of The Month:

    No award given this month

    Marine Captain Aleirin Javindh, Marine Commanding Officer, USS Infinity:
    Marine Captain Javindhra has done a good job exploring interesting topics with emotional depth, and thus I am pleased to second the Infinity's CO in nominating the MCPT as Task Force 38's PotM.

    Ensign Vecon Fick, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Pandora:
    Ensign Fick, has brought a young and spritely character to the Pandora, and she writes him with an authentic naivety and honesty that’s a pleasure to read. She’s also not been afraid to develop exciting plot points with the other crew. We all believe she is a great writer and incredibly deserving of this award.

    Ensign Kibi Hren, Engineering Officer, USS Southern Cross:
    Active, energetic and willing with explore with possibilities of a greenhorn character rather than an aged veteran, which is a welcome change of pace and perspective.

    Lt. Commander Cameron Soran-Ward, Chief of Intel, DFS Lavie
    Lt. Commander Cameron Soran-Ward) for his contributions to the TNU universe and his willingness to assist in developing the overall universe of our sim. He has even contributed designs for ships and new governments. He is a great addition to our group and I am happy to have him with us.

    Sim Of The Month:

    USS Jericho:
    The USS Jericho was a presence in Task Force 9 for years, while it was never a heavy hitter it produced some of the most compelling storylines I have ever read. It truly is a shame that we have lost such a ship but she deserves this final honour.

    USS Victory:
    Many sims wax and wane in their activity with changing seasons, the ebb and flow of missions, etc., but the USS Victory has remained a staple of consistency in Task Force 38. For this reason, I nominate it as Task Force 38's SotM.

    USS Traveller:
    By popular vote, the USS Traveller due to their exciting mission posts and constant activity. They have an excellent story formulating so far!

    USS Hawaii:
    The ship really reflects as it is for a real ship to function in real life. Rarely see that and I got to say, I do enjoy it! The interaction between the crew members are quite high and the posting is productive. With such diversity of secrecy on the ship, I wonder where it would lead the ship on adventures! I therefore nominate them as Sim of the Month, keep up the good work!

    USS Triumphant:
    Based on two votes for setting the standard in quality for the task force and for having the largest number of players in the fleet.

    Congratulation to all who have been recognized.
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