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Monthly Awards for December 2017

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  • Monthly Awards for December 2017

    It is that time again and with the final month of 2017 done it is time to announce the Player and Sim of the Month Awards. So with out further ado here are the award winners for the Month of December

    Lets start with the Player of the Month award winners.

    Lieutenant T'Pal: Chief Engineer, USS Black Hawk: In the words of her CO. "Going into this mission, I knew I was going to have to rely on the engineering and science players to figure out how to penetrate the Convergence Zone. It was Jean who took it most to heart, coming up with a full plan (along with the technobabble) that would involve multiple players on the Black Hawk, including a few unlikely suspects. She’s also taken point on executing the plan, which is nearly complete. I’m very proud of her and grateful she’s among our crew."

    Lieutenant Nicole Anderson: Chief Medical Officer, USS Victory: In recognition for stepping up to run a mission out of the Chief Medical Officer role, this month Lieutenant Nicole Anderson of the USS Victory is Task Force 38's Player Of the Month.

    Ferrofax: Facility Infrastructure, Memory Theta: As the character literally plays the facility’s “computer”, it is a difficult role, yet he places it with much grace and aplomb.

    Lieutenant Marian: Executive Officer, USS Hawaii: Lt. Marian is an extremely helpful player both IC & OOC. He organized the Away Mission Teams with deft leadership. He also helped put together the nice JP regarding the sensor testing with the USS Balboa which uncovered a probable cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey.

    Admiral Deela T’Lar: Executive Officer, Starbase 400: For keeping the SB400 sim active during Fleet Admiral Bremer's long ELOA.

    Now here are the award winners for the Sim Of the Month awards.

    USS Nogura: returned from destruction the USS Nogura continues to push out compelling writing. While it has not yet quite returned to the levels of activity we're used to from past incarnations it is definitely top tier.

    USS Infinity: One of the most difficult tasks in running a sim is setting up a mission with enough open questions to make the writers and readers want more. This month, the USS Infinity has done just this with the start of a new mission where the CO receives a mysterious call and sends the ship on a bit of a goose-chase to curious ends. For this interesting open, they are awarded the Sim Of the Month award for Task Force 38.

    USS Pandora: The Pandora’s stories continue to set the benchmark for the Task Force as a whole. They’ve been a solid rock in 72 since they arrived, and their writers constantly raise the bar with every post.

    SFM Revenant: The amount of work that the members and Commanding Officer have put into the Gorn arc truly speaks for itself. The CO has spent a lot of time putting together the arc and was a major part of the decisions during my time as the arc leader. The future missions have a lot of promise and I really look forward to continuing to read the work of his crew.

    Endeavour NX-06: They have been one of the most consistent and active sims in TF99

    Everyone join me in congratulating the award winners for December 2017. Also keep an eye out for the upcoming announcement of the Sim and Player for the forth Quarter of 2017 and the Sim and Player of the Year for 2017.
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    Lieutenant Hamilton Long: Chief Engineer - Endeavour NX-06 - TF 99
    Lieutenant Avarn Lorgan: Chief Engineer - USS Mercury NCC-1440 - TF99

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    Congrats everyone!


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      On behalf of the crew of the USS Nogura...

      "We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!"

      Much appreciated and congrats all!