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Monthly Awards for January 2018

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  • Monthly Awards for January 2018

    Well the first month of 2018 has come and gone and now is the time to announce the player and simulation award winners for January 2018. So First here are the Player Of The Month awards.

    Player Of The Month:

    Lieutenant Commander Leland Rogers, Air Group Commander, USS Scorpio:
    Lt. Commander Rogers remains extensively involved in the goings on of the Scorpio and is an all-around great simmer and close adviser in keeping the Scorpio running properly. He does this proactively and is a great addition to any crew.

    No award given this month:

    Lieutenant Shae Brennan, Chief Science Officer, USS Pandora:
    While much can be said, her contributions and presence to the sim are immeasurable. Her stories have been heart warming, realistic, and a joy to read. She’s very giving as a co-writer and always helps out other players with their posts and story lines.

    Ensign Arthur Jones, Son of Ruk, Security Officer, USS Hawaii:
    Ensign Jones helped another player who was unsure how to write her arrival and created a sub-plot that was enjoyable and spawned widespread crew interaction for the diplomatic detachment and security team.

    Ensign Vincent Turner, Chief Engineer, USS Calvary:
    He has been a great help over the last few months without an XO. He has stepped up and assisted me in running the sim, and while he has said that he doesn’t want to be full-time XO; he has done a great job as an assistant game master with me, and I would not have had the help in moving everything over from the old wiki site to our Nova site if it wasn’t for Tom stepping up and helping out. We still have some way to go but without him, we would still be stuffing around with the old website system instead of fully working through Nova now.

    And now for the Sim Of The Month Awards.

    Sim Of The Month:

    USS Proxima:
    The Proxima has managed to hit the ground running and kicking off with a bang. Reaching activity in record speed the Proxima is already putting out amazing story and displaying amazing potential.

    USS Equinox:
    A task force's story is only as strong as the collaboration between its sims, and the Equinox shines in its collaborations with the task force as a whole. In our canon update proposal last year, in addition to a sparing physical connection to home, we also outlined a goal of consistent communication with Starfleet. The Equinox's current story is focused on addressing this by finding a way to piggyback over the ancient Hirogen communications relay network. In recognition of their ever-collaborative spirit, the Equinox is Task Force 38's sim of the month.

    Hazard Team 14 “Valkyries”:
    Their premise with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers is unique and interesting, and the players and posts are even more so.

    USS Tornado:
    They are one of the most active ships for January and also for stepping up to lead the SoK Arc after the USS Southern Cross transferred to TF99.

    SFI Delphi:
    Since moving to TF99, their unique sim has continued to be active with a strong post count. The CO has been active in TF chat and has been prompt with their reports as well. Great example of a fine sim!

    Congratulations to all who have been recognized.

    Lieutenant Hamilton Long: Chief Engineer - Endeavour NX-06 - TF 99
    Lieutenant Avarn Lorgan: Chief Engineer - USS Mercury NCC-1440 - TF99

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    In name of both Valkyrie and Tornado crews, thank you for the selection of the Sim of the amonth awards! I’m proud of my players and what they have accomplished and this award is that recognition!

    Congrats to all other award winning simulations and players out there for this month awards!


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      Congratulations everyone!

      Bravo Fleet CO - 1997-2005. Also former BFXO, BFJAG, BFOps, TF44 CO, TF58 CO, TF99 CO.


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        Congrats to everyone January can be such a hard month for activity. Coming out of the holiday and the grip of winter. Great job by everyone!


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          Congratulations everyone!

          formerly Javok