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Monthly Awards for February 2018

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  • Monthly Awards for February 2018

    Well time has flown by and it is once more time to announce the award winners for February 2018. So lets get things started with the Player of the Month awards.

    Lieutenant Stephanie O’Hara: Chief Engineer, USS Valhalla. In the words of her CO. She has come on the ship with gangbusters starting posts OOC and conflict IC that has been very enjoyable to read and write with. She is also received this month’s Crew’s Choice Award on the Valhalla.

    Ensign B’mala Otlhoq: Tactical Officer, USS Saturn.
    The moment she joined Saturn she got into our story and created a wonderful personal arc that will work well in the future.

    Commander Remas McDonald: Commanding Officer, USS Traveller.
    The TFSS would like to recognize Commander McDonald for his fine work in pulling together the USS Traveller and its crew despite an unusual adversity. His relentless drive forward has inspired his crew, and the Task Force at large.

    Liutenant Ayumi Yoshida: Chief Medical Officer, USS Palatine.
    I’d like to recognize one of my own players, Cortana. From the moment she showed interest in the Palatine sim, she’s offered welcome advice and support. More, she’s stepped up to volunteer to help with graphics for the site even though she’s writing the CMO. That’s exactly the sort of players Palatine is hoping to recruit, those who are interested in world-building and offering more than just the character they write. We’re lucky to have her with us!

    Lieutenant Junior Grade Solok: Chief Armory Officer, Endeavour NX-06.
    My nomination for the TF99 player of the month goes to Greg who plays Lieutenant Junior Grade Solok (as well as other NPCs) of the USS Endeavour. Out of the eight posts we completed in February, he took part in four of them with his characters. He is always very eager to write, and to be part of the missions. I really enjoy having him on my sim. He's an extremely valuable player.

    And now for the Sim of the Moth Awards.

    USS Valhalla:
    The Valhalla has shown incredible growth in numbers and even more impressive activity in posting. The crew has rapidly started producing content of high quality with very good quantity as well. The COs engagement elsewhere in the fleet also goes to credit the sim.


    USS Hope:
    The USS Hope, on the brink of death, performed a maneuver that would please even Mister Sulu. Not only has the sim returned to active status, many of the older crew returned and her stories have resumed once more.

    USS Kumari:
    I nominate the USS Kumari as they have shown excellence last month as carrying the torch for TF93’s sole intelligence vessel after the transfer of S.F.I. Delphi to TF99. Their CO is also active on the TF93 Staff as the Deputy Director of Intelligence.

    USS Tyr / Heyerdahl Station:
    With four nominations for the USS Tyr/Heyerdahl Station, my nomination goes to them. They are very active and the CO has taken to recruiting, making himself known and the sim is thriving.

    So everyone join me in congratulating all those who won this month.

    Lieutenant Hamilton Long: Chief Engineer - Endeavour NX-06 - TF 99

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    Congrats to everyone! Excellent month!


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      Congrats towards everyone involved!


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        Congratulations everyone!!

        formerly Javok


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          Great month guys. Well deserved.