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To All Bravo Fleet Members

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  • To All Bravo Fleet Members

    Bravo Fleet,

    It is my sad duty to report that our Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer has resigned.

    Darian has served Bravo Fleet for many years and has held just about every role that our Constitution has provided for, including 2 terms as BFCO, a post which he has held for a considerable number of years. No one has been involved in the running of Bravo Fleet for longer or at higher levels than Darian. His love for Bravo Fleet and his dedication to this community are not merely well known, but the stuff of legend. He has held every rank from the bottom to Fleet Admiral and every position between Player and BFCO.

    In recognition for his service and dedication to this community, it is my honour to award Darian the Fleet Admiral Emeritus Award, again. Not many people have been with Bravo Fleet for as long as he has, 15 years, since he started in 1998, with a break for his children in the middle. The BFA will also be discussing what further steps we can take to provide a more suitable, lasting tribute to mark Darianís time in the BFA and make sure that no one forgets his name.

    Darian has always had a place in Bravo Fleet, and I speak for the entire BFA when I say that I hope that he will continue to make Bravo Fleet his online home. There is a place for him here.

    In Darianís absence, under the Constitution, I will serve as acting BFCO until the BFA settles upon a permanent successor. In the meantime, please continue to raise any business with the BFSS through the email and also please approach me directly via PM or email should you have any comments or questions in relation to this announcement.

    I want to make it very clear at this stage that although we are saying goodbye to Darian, myself and the rest of the BFA are keenly aware of the challenges that are facing Bravo Fleet. We greatly look forward to working with everyone in Bravo Fleet to make our community the best online home it can be. Further announcements on this subject to follow in the coming days and weeks.