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    As mentioned in JonM's Announcement on Friday, in an effort to provide the community with a voice and address some of the key challenges that are facing Bravo Fleet at the moment, the BFCC and BFA has decided to establish four community-driven work groups (each a “Work Group”).

    Each Work Group will focus on a specific area of concern and will work collectively to produce positive changes within Bravo Fleet. Each Work Group will be open to all members of Bravo Fleet and will be chaired by a member of the BFA.

    The BFA members will actively participate across all of the Work Groups, and the intention is that the changes that emerge from the Work Groups will be implemented by the BFCC (although it should be noted that any changes to the Constitution will need to be approved by the BFA).

    While a BFA member will be chairing each Work Group and managing the agenda, the intention is for these Work Groups to be productive teams working together to agree what should be done and then working together to realise that vision. Therefore, the BFA will be approaching these Work Groups in a spirit of openness and collaboration and seek to facilitate discussion. It is our hope that you all will join us in a similar spirit of collaboration and teamwork.

    Given the plurality of views that we have within Bravo Fleet, I caution you all at the outset that if we are to collaborate meaningfully and meet the challenges we are facing we must all leave any past personal differences or grudges at the door and be willing to compromise.

    The four initial Work Groups, and their high level remits, will be:
    • RULES: Reform the Constitution, taking advantage of past drafts that folks have come up with an expanding on new ideas brought to the table; refactor the By-laws, stripping out things that no longer fit and adding/modifying procedure to be more effective in the future; look at the topic of JAG and consider if and how such a role could work; consider what other rules Bravo Fleet needs to establish, for example an intellectual property policy, donations policy, etc.
    • CANON: Make the current canon more accessible, be it through a portal describing the current state of the galaxy, revising articles on the wiki, or whatever else; smooth out inconsistencies and messiness in our historical canon, and make that more accessible for those that like to base their stories in history; look at the current state of Bravo Fleet's story and consider where we might go strategically from here etc.
    • PLAYER EXPERIENCE: Look at how things could be changed to make things easier and more fun for players and game masters; look at how we might help struggling simms more rather than just penalizing them for not getting/staying active; consider how the Fleet can make itself more valuable in general to the players so they are encouraged to engage beyond just their simm, such as through events or services; consider systems of reward such as the HoH.
    • COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Look at how we can market and position ourselves to expand our user base; consider social media, platforms and outreach strategies; consider if these might be things outside of Star Trek that we could incorporate; etc.
    We will make further announcements with respect to appointing Chairpersons, working practices and joining instructions.

    We would also like to invite any former Bravo Fleet players who have an interest in rejoining the community to return to Bravo Fleet, get involved with a simm here and participate in the Work Groups. Many of the most passionate forum posts on these subjects have come from former members, and so we hope that those former members and other Bravo Fleet alumni will work with us to address the challenges that have been identified and make Bravo Fleet the best online Star Trek community that it can be.
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