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  • New Workgroups Formed

    In a continuing effort to provide the community with a voice and new resources, the BFA has decided to establish two new community-driven Work Groups.

    Each Work Group will focus on a specific objective and will work collectively to produce positive changes within Bravo Fleet. Each Work Group will be open to all members of Bravo Fleet and will be chaired by a member of the BFA.

    While a BFA member will be chairing each Work Group and managing the agenda, the intention is for these Work Groups to be productive teams working together to agree what should be done and then working together to realize that vision. Therefore, the BFA will be approaching these Work Groups in a spirit of openness and collaboration and seek to facilitate discussion. It is our hope that you all will join us in a similar spirit of collaboration and teamwork.

    Given the plurality of views that we have within Bravo Fleet, I caution you all at the outset that if we are to collaborate meaningfully and meet the challenges we are facing, we must all leave any past personal differences or grudges at the door and be willing to compromise.

    The two new Work Groups will be:
    • NEW PLAYER RESOURCES: In recent weeks, Bravo Fleet has seen many newcomers to the fleet, especially first-time simmers. Bravo Fleet desires to begin creation of invaluable resources for our newcomers and experienced players through items like a Character Creation Guide.
    • MARINE BACKGROUND & STRUCTURE: Love them or hate them, the Starfleet Marine Corps has been an active part of simming, and especially Bravo Fleet history. This workgroup will aim to flesh out the background of the Marine Corps, and provide a bit of a command structure for the Corps. By doing this, we wish to provide more information for our COs and Players to use as reference material.
    We will be accepting signups for these two workgroups beginning immediately via this link. Both groups will launch next weekend.