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New Fleet Maps Unveiled!

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  • New Fleet Maps Unveiled!

    At long last, the new Bravo Fleet Maps are ready for use! These are available for all sims to use as they see fit for their gameplay. Among its high level of detail is a Grid Reference system, allowing anyone to easily find and remember where planets and systems are located.

    In addition, the Infobase team is in the process of rolling out high-resolution grid views on all of our planets, systems, sectors and bases that are listed on the Infobase. While this will take the team some time to install these grids on every page, you can see a preview of what these will look like on Romulus' entry.

    All four of our maps (1 for Alpha/Beta Quadrant, 1 for Gamma Quadrant and 2 for the Delta Quadrant) in our Infobase.