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  • By-Law #1

    First off let me just say, on behalf of the BFA, we hope you have a wonderful Holiday period and a Happy New Year! Stay safe!

    On to business. While the work on By-Laws #2 and #3 is ongoing, I am please to announce that By-Law #1 has been reworked. A lot of superfluous text has been removed, outdated references have been removed, and the whole of By-Law #1 has been updated. This also includes the addition of By-Law #1.4, which is the return of Task Groups to the CoC.

    As it stands now these changes are specifically the structural By-Laws, which include
    • #1.1 - Member & Staff Duties
    • #1.2 - Bravo Fleet Timeline
    • #1.3 - Task Forces
    • #1.4 - Task Groups
    • #1.5 - Departments