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Academy Rework?

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  • Academy Rework?

    Is the academy currently undergoing a rework for the Command Academy course?
    Command Cadet Adonis Sindoa | BF Command Academy
    Lieutenant Arran McKay - Tactical Operator | USS Bellona
    Lieutenant (JG) Kevin Pittman - Asst. Operations Chief | USS Vindex
    Ensign Kyran Dorn - Intelligence Officer | USS Nogura
    Ensign Sebastian Farrell - Operations Officer | USS Perenolde
    Sergeant Austin Vega - Squad Leader | USS Infinity

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    aio Can answer for sure.


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      Hi Adonis. Yes it is. Its moving away from specifically being a CO course, and going towards a GM/AGM course, so that you have the skills to run a successful game, wether it be Star Trek or not. Its also going to have a part of it where your AGM, or XO, can take the course too, so if the GM/CO in question goes on LOA, the AGM/XO has the tools to keep the game running in their absence. If you have any further questions, hit me up on Discord. My name is aio there as well.