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  • New FNS News!

    Greeting to you all my fellow Bravo Fleet members. The Fleet News Service would like your participation and even give you a platform where you could promote your work!

    Thanks to the authorization of the BFA, FNS will be announcing both Player Promotions and all Awards bestowed by the Hall of Honours.What does that mean? That every single award and not only the month SotM and PotM will be announce at the end of each month as well as every Sim Player’s promotion. As an example, in the USS Theretoomanygreenfelt, Ensign Greenfelt22 as been promoted to the rank of LtJG by Captain Greenfelt23.

    With the help of the TFCO and their staff, we will collect the players promotion while the staff of the Hall of Honours will be able to provide us with a list of the winners.

    Starting this month, i will also add a platform for a sim per Task Force to be advertised once a month. Those sim will be designated by the TFCO and their team as their for those needing it.

    To end this, i am still searching for a correspondent for the following Task Force:


    The work of a Correspondent is as simple as this. Each month we decide between five task (each month someone else pick one so a TF won’t be getting the same article every time). The task can be:

    TASK 1. Sim Spotlight - Pick a sim from your TF and write an article for them, in collaboration with their CO or XO.

    TASK 2. Interview a CO from an IC perspective.

    TASK 3. Review the IC events of the sims in your TF and put together an article that chronicles their adventures for the month (could use mission briefs and any public monthly report info).

    TASK 4. Interview a any player from your TF from an OOC perspective (they must consent to have their name and article published).

    TASK 5. From the desk of the Task Force Commander - An IC interview with the TFCO about the current events and updates in the TF, a great way to put a focus on TF and Fleet canon!

    The task will be randomly change every month to add some spice to it as well as add to the participation of everyone and to the delight of our reader.

    The only requirement would be one article per month, if someone want to write more, they will be open to do so and we shall publish them!

    Of course, if a fellow CO/Player would like to write an article for his own sim, i would be happy to print it as part of the FNS! The more information and article we can gain, the more creativity shall be opened for everyone to read!

    With this, for those who will wish to participate, simply send me the information as well as any article you want to include in our news to : fns [@] bravofleet [dot] com

    Do remember that every article will have to be 13+ and under rating. Above this rating, those article will not be publish and will be required to be fixed to guaranty that everyone will be able to read them.

    With my best,

    -Commander Valerian Silverstein (Reius).
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