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    Greetings all,

    I am starting up the Imperial Romulan Senate Sim and finalizing the rules/character set-up sections.

    One thing I have noticed is that the Senate is detailed in the InfoBase as having two separate houses, one perhaps called the House of Representatives, which does not seem rooted in canon. In fact, I have several souce books that do not mention this fact, which I am basing the Romulan Senate Sim off of, such as The Way of D'era.

    Since this impacts my sim, I am proposing to change it back to a unicameral version, yet want to be sure no one was adversely impacted.

    1. Is anyone using the bicameral version of the Romulan Senate?
    2. Is there any objection to changing to the unicameral version of the Romulan Senate?

    formerly Javok

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    Go ahead with the change, if it is not canon then it should not be even in the infobase /fact


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      I'm for changing back to a unicameral setup.

      Also, I took some time this morning and did some research. beeman, I'd like to talk to you privately first about some structure before you proceed, but it's nothing to worry about. Also, there appears to be two different types of Romulan Government Structure in the Infobase:
      1. The Romulan Star Empire page lists the Government as a unicameral setup.
      2. The Romulan page lists the Government as a bicameral setup.
      After doing the research, it seems the bicameral setup is fairly new, something written 2 years ago. I don't believe it was approved to begin with. I remember working with it all at the time, and my memory is unfortunately fuzzy.
      Former CRO, LO, BFCC, and TF72CO.


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        Good to know, greenfelt! Yeah, I recently stumbled upon the bicameral entry as I had been operating off of the unicameral setup... Now I am glad I am not going crazy as I did review the InfoBase at the outset of this endeavor.

        I am happy to further discuss structure with you. I will be posting the structure/rules/framework of the Romulan Senate Sim soon on the forums. I don't expect them to be locked in stone as they have not been put into practice, so if we need to tweak it, I do not mind.

        formerly Javok


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          Is there still an interest with the sim? Aside from me? lol