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Heeeeee's baaaaaaack: ResidualRoses New Interior Decor and Design Thread!

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  • Heeeeee's baaaaaaack: ResidualRoses New Interior Decor and Design Thread!

    So I recently returned again to BF and immediatly started shaking all that rust off of my graphic editing/digital art skills...

    So I present to you the first completed project since my return:

    Main Bridge, USS Devonshire, Insignia Class Starship

    More to come in the future (hopefully)!

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    Welcome back!! I think you have done very good work. I find that you have created a fine combination of several aspects from different bridges. I do find the Helm and Navigation stations to be more unique, being even lower.

    I do feel that the Helm/Nav. Stations might be too low, being 4 whole steps lower than the Senior officers. Another worry/concern is for the room available around the see through display at the back of the bridge. If the Tactical station is directly behind the Captain’s chair, it looks like there is barely room for one person and a 2nd person could not pass behind. They would have to walk all the way around the standing display.

    As a suggestion/recommendation, I would move the standing display to right behind the Captain’s chair and the Tactical station utilize a lower console with the standing display above that.

    Another thought or variation, would to remove the center column in the back nitch. This allow room to slide the standing display to be slid back making more room on the front side of the display.
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