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Star Trek Enterprise: is it worth watching?

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    I found the series during its original run pretty mediocre overall, there were pretty bad episodes and then there were great episodes. There were several ongoing storylines that were over extended for the most part.

    My favourite thing about Enterprise, was Porthos. Just wished he was more of a regular character.

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        Ent was good for what it was. The first 2 seaons were diffinetly hit and miss. I liked some of the Vulcan back story stuff. My favorite was when the Andorians were more involved in the latter half of the last 2 seasons.

        Hated the main theme music, didn't like the Xin storyline at all. Way too drawn out. DS9, TNG, VOY, then Ent for me. DS9 started slow the first 3 seasons. Then Worf came on! Rest is gold! By far best series.


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          Enterprise talked a good game, but its execution was ****. "We won't change canon", yeah...I'm THAT guy. They mostly did whatever they wanted, fans be damned. That annoys me. Manny Coto almost had it straightened out when the cancelled it. ABSOLUTELY loathed the theme song. Sato was a waste of space...a linguist who can't translate anything. The best actor was the dog...