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    Well, yes. It's not Star Trek, but if not for the names it is the closest thing in a long time. From the articles I've read I was expecting a quality made Sci-Fi program, but just one joke after another. Watching it last night I was pleasantly surprised by the good characters, great effects, and excellent drama . . and just a bit of comedy to carry us through. Well, some pretty funny stuff actually. It's the 'Star Trek' I've been looking for , for years.

    So, how will this compare to Star Trek: Discovery? I guess we will find out in a week or so. I don't expect any laughs to come from ST. With its episodic story arc, I'm expecting a gritty story that's heavy in hidden stories that will play out over the first season. If they make it through an entire season. You know how some networks can get when they don't understand the material they are creating; a la Firefly.
    Dimitri Koslev / SS Boreas

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    Originally posted by Dennis View Post
    If they make it through an entire season.
    The first couple of seasons have already been paid for by Netflix so you can bet that we're going to be seeing lots of Discovery for the next few years.


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      The more I thought about the Oriville, I figure that it will go in one of two ways. Turn into a 'wonky' space toon like Lost in Space turned into. Or it will find its footing and be like M*A*S*H and have some good dramatic thought provoking issues and still have a bit of comedy.

      Any opinions?
      Dimitri Koslev / SS Boreas


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        This is shaping up to be a lot more like TNG. I doubt it'll be a parody of any sort... Seth is too much of a Trekkie, and he's got too much support from Trek Vets.