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  • Star Trek: Discovery [SPOILERS]


    Today, for the first time since May 13, 2005, Starfleet's mission to explore strange new worlds will officially resume on television sets across America and the globe. This is a day many fans of Star Trek have been looking forward to (and others not so much). Many will be waiting for the entire season to be released, and others perhaps not at all. We at Bravo Fleet want to encourage everyone to watch however it suits you best. For those that who are watching it, this thread is your place to talk about EVERYTHING you've seen. Hold nothing back, as the very title of this thread warns all who enter here that spoilers await!
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    I watched the pilot with hesitation. I really have not liked what CBS and Paramont have done to its fan base. Mostly ignored them. I had and still have no desire to get the CBS all access to watch it. The look of the episode was very much like the recent movies, lenses flare and all.

    I hope that everyone watches the pilot, for what it was intended, to be enjoyed. One criticism is the Klingon language. It sounds different that done in other series. I don't want to even get started on their appearance. I would have liked to have seen the trick pulled in 'Hunt For Red October', where the verbal dialog switches from Russian to English. I really detest needing to read text at the bottom of the page. I mis watching the details on the screen during that time.
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      I really loved the first two episodes of Discovery. Saru has become my favourite already and I'm excited to learn more about him and where he comes from. Also, Tellarites were mentioned!


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        It was beautiful, well produced, well written and is brilliantly acted. None of the cast are the equal of Sir Patrick Stewart (although Michelle Yeoh does come very close at times). I positively love Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca, and I am glad that we are finally seeing some Vulcan cool. The attention to detail is phenomenal.

        The pilot episodes stand well as a discrete story, and episode 3 (Context is for Kings) is a bit like the Battlestar Galactica episode "33" in that this is where we feel a bit of a reset after the initial (spectacular opening) and get a sense that this is going to set the pace for the rest of the series.

        The architecture of the ship, the Discovery, was a pleasant surprise -- it does seem far more beautiful and "Star Trek" like in Episode 3 than it does in any of the trailers. I also love the mystery of what is going on on the Discovery and look forward to finding out what other secrets she holds.


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          Mid-season break, and I can deliver my comments:

          It's an excellent show. Worth every penny of a subscription to CraveTV - Canada has odd distribution rights of Star Trek - and I find myself thoroughly entertained. Mudd is a show-stealer, as per usual. Staments is a great character. Burnham is... well, all right as a character, but not spectacular. Saru is legendary. I wish Georgiou was the regular captain, though.
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            OK here are some of my thoughts on Discovery

            I have enjoyed Discovery It is nice to see trek on the small screen again and while I have reservations about the Klingon redesign I think the one thing I could not forgive them for is calling one of the new Klingon ship designs a D-7 when it looked nothing like the TOS D-7 Could have called it almost anything but a D-7 and it wouldn't have been bad. All in all that is a minor quibble no matter my personal feelings on it.

            All in all a great show with beautiful designs even the Discovery, all though she will never win any beauty contests. Kind of a so guy its cute thing. For a trek tech nerd such as my self the new ships and equipment have been making it fun to watch on top of the great story line. The Shenzhou being my favorite new ship design.

            Also it is nice to see a show that focuses on a character that is not the Captain.

            Bringing Mudd back was risky. He might have not been in TOS a lot but he did make an impression on the fans when he was there. This younger version of Mudd has been as fun as we all recall and I am hoping that he is not done in Discovery.

            Of all the characters I think Staments has become my favorite with Tilly a close second. I wish Captain Gergiou had been around longer it would have been nice to see what more they could do with her.

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