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    Now here is a Genre that I grew up with, even more than Star Trek. No, I didnít like the campiness, but loved the show, just the same; the Robot, the ship, the chariot. No, we ainít going to even mention that movie. But, I am finding this new series to be very rewarding. I think they have a very good balance of action, science, science Fiction, and humor to go along with the family entertainment. There are a few Easter Eggs there for the Ďol-timersí like me to find.

    There are are some major changes and questions about the Robot. But good questions deserve to be answered in a second season. I agree with one of the reviewers I listened to: Dr. Smithís character just doesnít mesh at all with the balance and flow of the rest of the show. I think there are some more secrets that the writers have not opened our eyes to just yet.

    So, what do you think?
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