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    Good evening everyone!

    As you may have read, I've been appointed as the Adjutant for the Community Relations Office. I've got several projects planned for improving things from the community relations standpoint. Right now though, the project I've got my main focus on is a New Player Welcome Packet. I have several sections planned for this packet. This is a brief list in no given order for the sake of letting you all know what I have planned and is not necessarily the order they'll appear in the packet: a bravofleet basics section with a bit of our history and an overview of how things work, character and biography development, a contact list with the Command Council, BFA, & TFCO/XO's, a resource section, and a section for things they might like knowing as they come into the simming hobby.

    I know I see things in one way, and others see them in other ways. So in order to make this packet the best that It can be, I'm asking for some help from the community. I'm asking for ideas on what you wish you knew when you first started simming, what makes for the best characters, what resources you've found that you wish you knew existed at the beginning. Anything that you can think of in the categories I've mentioned, or a category you think I'm missing.

    Since this is a project aimed at improving our new simmer's it's going to take more than just my own thoughts and ideas on the matter. I welcome everyone to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the project and for them to be discussed civilly and respectfully. Thank you all for your time and thoughts on the matter!

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    I might recommend a section on the 'fun' ways to use the PERSONAL LOGS. They can be used as like a diary or journal, listing things that have taken place about them, from their own perspective and listing their thoughts as well, or their expected daily tasks, or like a letter home to family&friends.

    You might have a section that talks about the three things in advance of a Joint Post; the Title, Location, Timeline. All of these are handled differently from Sim to Sim, but you could give examples. For the LOCATIONS, one might list the room and maybe the Deck and #. For example, Mess Hall - Deck 27

    One could describe how if the characters are in more than one location, then throughout the JP when the location of the speaking character is in a different place, a short line can state where they are. This is also done differently for each SIM, so ask the CO.
    - Bridge -
    Encourage to follow the pattern set by the other players or by the CO's direction.

    Timeline - this is handled in many different ways as well. Here again ask the CO. It could be like:
    MD 05 - 1600 Hours
    Oct 12th, 2389 - 16:00 hrs
    Current. (Some SIMs just use his word)

    encourage them to not be afraid to ask question or how they do things within that particular SIM.
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    Lt. Katherine Welch / USS North Star
    Ivy Sharzin / USS Tornado


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      Resources, resources, resources! That was the biggest thing when I first started simming.
      The following sites provide some of the best resources I've found to date which are canon, but there's tons of others which aren't so I won't add them.


      Next would be to create a mission timeline in the sim's wiki page with a list of all the important mission posts done by the day for new players. It's often very hard for new players to find what's going on in a mission and usually stay in the background until a new mission starts.

      An example of what I use (Courtesy of greenfelt22)

      MD 1
      Mission Post 1
      Mission Post 2
      Mission Post 3
      MD 2
      Mission Post 1
      Just make links to the posted mission posts in order that they came out and it tends to be much easier for new players to find out what's been going on and get integrated.

      I've also gathered information from all over the internet for each department which doesn't conflict with canon and made a wiki page for each of those with the breakdown of that department's positions, responsibilities, etc. After all the pages are created, create a main wiki page with links to all the other wiki pages you create so that when someone clicks the Wiki link, everything is laid out in one easy to find spot.


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        This is all sounding pretty good so far. I'll see what I can do to integrate it into the packet.


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          You may want to talk to Aio as well as there were lots of things in various stages of development that could be used to assist you with player packet.
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            Thanks zyrell I'll be sure to get in touch with Aio about what's out there already. I've also decided to incorporate a terminology and abbreviations section into the packet. I know there are a lot of them that fly around out there in our hobby. What comes to mind that you think new players might be confused by? Everyone feel free to chime in on this one.


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              Just wanting to add something here. Firstly, a nice idea; but this whole thing about writing posts; I don't think it should be included. Every simulation has different methods of how they want their posts written, on the Excalibur; we have one standard and I would not want to see players who join my simulation to be confused as to think that what is in the welcome pack is how they should write on Excalibur. If you are going to include writing formats in this, then I think you need to say something simple like "refer to your CO about how they prefer their post formats to look when writing".

              Include the fun with personal logs bit, that is something I think everyone would love to see, not just new players.

              This is what I have done for my new players and they get a copy of this when they are accepted in their acceptance email

              We are thrilled that you have decided to join us on these adventures. We have been in your shoes before, daunted by everything coming at you, all the information and simply just trying to find your feet, get yourself settled into a new simulation and begin enjoying your writing as part of the team. We hope that this guide will quell some of the concerns you might be having, but the most important thing to remember is that we are a team; if you have any questions then all you need to do is ask. As I always say “there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers”.
              1. Ask questions
              I did say it above, but “there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers”. We know that this may be all new for you, or you might be a veteran simmer, but even the best of us find it just a tiny bit daunting to come into a new simulation, even one in its infancy like ours. Asking questions is always good, because it might just be a question the command team hasn’t thought of and it could just be that your question leads to the inclusion of something for everyone else.

              2. Read your welcome email
              Nova is pretty smart, once the command team accepts your application; it will send you (along with us) a welcome email. We don’t like to send out a boring “welcome to the simulation” email, we want our first piece of communication with you to be important and to provide you with details you are going to need. In that email, there will be information such as your position and rank along with links to particular characters or pages that might be useful, including this guide. Read through it and keep it safe somewhere. You can easily refer back to it at any time that way.

              3. Write (and post) your introductory solo mission post
              Something we ask of all of our new members is a solo mission post. This is done for a couple of reasons: -

              • To clear your name as soon as possible from the activity tab on the Admin Control Panel.
              • To get you involved right away in the current storyline, and to welcome you into the storyline.
              • To allow you to introduce yourself, your character, your writing, and for you to choose how you want to enter the storyline.

              The most common way for our members to come into the storyline is with a shuttle ride, which is one of the sample post examples that you could have used in your application. If you did that as your sample post, then by all means use that post as your introductory post. There are times in the storyline where that wouldn’t be possible or plausible, so in those matters, the player will be contacted by the command team and offer some possible solutions. I am sure the crew would love to read your first post and get a sense of what your character is like. This should be done within the first seven (7) days following your acceptance. If it starts getting close to that window, you will start to get private messages asking about that post, and a long period of time may result in your removal, and we'd hate that to happen...

              4. 4. Start up some joint posts
              Now that you’re a poster to the USS Excalibur with your solo mission post introducing your character… or even while you are still writing that post, start up some joint posts with your fellow players. The command team encourages all players to write as much as they can, as long as they write and submit a finished mission post every 14 days. Players can always check when their last post was by logging in and checking the date of their last post via their character’s biography or by contact the command team. Some ideas for introductory joint posts include: -

              • Chief Medical Officer: get yourself checked out and cleared for active duty by the Chief Medical Officer, a great way to get information from your posting added to your biography as each biography has a section for a brief medical report. Most of the time, we do these once a year, but depending on the storyline; there may be times when a physical or even just a general check-up is needed.
              • Chief Counselor: another part of your writing that can be added to your biography, a psychological evaluation is another key part of being cleared for active duty, or even being able to go on an away team.
              • Department Heads: really good if you are playing an Assistant Chief position, or even an enlisted character, meeting your boss, or the fellow officers is a great way to build crew morale in character and get to know your fellow players out of character. You are going to be writing with them for some time, so get to know them.

              Obviously, players like to report in to the Commanding Officer once they have posted, and that is great. Another joint post in the bag for the simulation and for yourself. On the USS Excalibur, we operate as a team, so if you want to write with someone, or multiple people (Nova allows any number of people in one joint post), then just start them up. Those who you add will get an email alerting them to the saved post.

              5. Engage with other fleet members
              Our fleet forums are found at and are a great way to interact with the fleet. We are part of Task Force 93, so why not jump over there and see what is going on. The command team regularly update the forums on what is going on with the USS Excalibur, so I am sure you will find the thread with a post welcoming you to the Excalibur. We also do some recruitment for positions from the forums, as well. While you are there, why don’t you request a nice fancy forum signature to display proudly, or even get one of our amazing graphics artists to whip up a nice uniformed picture for your character so you can show it off to everyone. I’m sure it will look amazing.

              6. Enjoy yourself!
              That is the most important part. This might be all new and exciting, that will wear off once you feel all settled into your new position and being part of the team, but no matter how long you stay with us here on Excalibur, enjoy yourself. We are all here for the same reason; to enjoy writing about our passion, that being Star Trek. We aren’t here to player power games and politics, we are here to write.

              That's as simple as it can be... Don't overwhelm people when they first join the fleet, or what-not. Information overload will kill not only the idea but people's interest, as they will switch off and not care about anything. Make it simple, make it short and give them the relevant information. A pack like this, if it is coming through the fleet structure, should be about the fleet as a whole, and not about every single simulation. CO's should be welcoming their new players locally and providing them with the information they need about what to do on the simulation. Keep this pack to a fleet-level, about the fleet as a whole.

              Current Task Group "Themis" Commanding Officer
              Former BFA Member and Task Force 72 Commanding Officer (2012 -2016)


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                There's a line in the posting section of the packet about asking the CO for their preferred posting format.


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                  This would be very cool to do


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                    The New Player Welcome Packet, as well as the BFMS User Guide: Players Edition, are published already actually. You can find them on the main site, under the resources tab and then clicking on User Guides.