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    I thought I would share my thoughts about how we list JPs in Nova and get responses and some interaction going. This segment is in no way trying to criticize anyone for how things are done on any particular Sim. Those who use forum, please forgive me for the confusion.

    If a Sim uses <I>NOVA</I> for its website program, a Post is given 5 sections to describe and/or differentiate it from other Posts. They are the sections MISSION, TITLE, LOCATION, TIMELINE, and CONTENT. The use or lack of use of these fields is most of the time determined by the CO or GM for that particular Sim.

    I’m not even sure if there are any specific guidelines in Bravo Fleet concerning these sections. If any one knows for sure, please comment below to help clarify the issue.

    In most cases, the MISSION is already set. Sometimes another mission is created, while the prior one is being finished up, so there may be 2 or more to select from. It may be very important which is selected.

    In most all cases, a TITLE is provided for the post. This word or phrase is used to differentiate their Post from other Posts in the Mission. Sometimes there will be a Title followed by something like, (Part I). This of course helps other readers understand that there are more parts of this Post to follow. Sometimes a JP is so long, it is broken up into sections to make the reading and or editing easier. Sometimes portions are posted, waiting for more to come. While other times, the writers will finish this very long and complex post, and the post is broken up into different JPs and then posted. (All in the same day)

    This is all organized and or supervised by the CO or GM, etc, so each Sim is a bit different, and that’s what makes the world go around so nicely, our differences and the allowability to do so.

    Let’s skip LOCATION & TIMELINE for just a moment.

    The last section is CONTENT. This is the section where all the story or information or content is presented. Go for it. There are many different uses of 1st or 3rd person, as well as, beginning and ending notations; [ON] [OFF] , or the lack there of. Sometimes signatures of the characters are listed at the very end of the CONTENT. These different specifics, again, are up to the CO or GM on how they wish things to be done.


    What I have listed above is all well and good, but what I would like to discuss is the information that should go into the other 2 sections - LOCATION & TIMELINE .

    Here again, it’s all up to the CO and GM, but I would like to hear a discussion about the different ways and possibly the better ways to use LOCATION & TIMELINE .

    Location - Let’s say the characters are on the USS OHIO and going thru space, listing [USS OHIO] in that section doesn’t seem very helpful to me. Now, if there are several ships and characters are on the different ships, then it would make sense to list ‘which’ particular ship the action is taking place. But if everyone is on the same ship, then it would be more helpful to the reader if the LOCATION section listed the department or room or portion of the vessel where the conversation and/or action is taking place.

    If a conversation is taking place over a Comm, from the Bridge to Engineering, then maybe listing [Bridge - Engineering] might be appropriate. However, If two characters are interacting and moving through the vessel, then one could list some kind of description in the dialog or context to help the reader understand where the characters are at the different times during their conversation. If the two characters interact in one location and then move to a different room, depending on the length of the content, it might be helpful to make the interaction at the second location to be in a separate JP. It’s really up to the writers and what the CO prefers to take place.

    On several occasions I have been part of a ship-wide JP and the crew splits up after a meeting. The following different conversations in different parts of the ship are all still kept in a very long and convoluted POST. If might make more sense for the different groups that separate to make their portion a separate JP, but this is up to the writers, and again what the CO/GM wishes.

    TIMELINE - I have to admit this section is possibly the most confusing section for many writers. And I personally despise the use of the word [Current]. I know, it’s just a pet-peeve of mine. I just don’t feel it helps anything. If you look at all the posts for a mission and most of them say [Current], then how does one know where they fit in the sequence of events taking place on the vessel. One might hope that they were posted in order, but my experience is that most are not in the proper order.

    Some writers try to give helpful hints in the TIMELINE section; like, ‘Following Let’s Go Man’, where the previous post they worked on was called ‘Let’s Go Man’. That’s helpful, but not in relation to other Posts, unfortunately.

    Some writers are providing character history or back-story and will say [15 years ago]. I find that quite helpful.

    But for the basic JP in a mission, there needs to be a system so readers know where this particular Post fits in with all the rest. There are several methods being used by Sims across the Fleet. One way is to write in the TIMELINE section [Day 3, 1500 hours]. That is pretty clear. This represents it taking place at 3pm on the 3rd day of the Mission. This same Timeline could be stated [MD03 - 1500 Hrs]. There are many ways.

    I need to do a bit of research on the Nova Program, but I believe there is a specific way to list the time and the program will organize the JPs in the proper sequence. Someone may have to clarify this for me.

    Well, this has been a lot to say, and I truly would like the input of others; those with long time swimming leader experience and those with good working knowledge of the Nova program.

    Dimitri Koslev / SS Boreas
    Lt. Vincent Kramer / USS Trafalgar
    Ens. Katherine Welch / USS Perenolde