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    So, I am guessing many of you are aware of the Big 50 for a little thing we call Star Trek. STO also is getting into it, by having several different events, and surprisingly, evolving.

    First up is the expansion that is coming up sometime in the next few months - I estimate after the upcoming Summer Event. Agents of Yesterday is Star Trek Online's third expansion, with a new faction called "TOS Starfleet". It's on the Tribble test server undergoing bug tests and balancing, and they are a little ways away from giving you a complete game, but there are many different parts to this expansion that you may not know:
    • We're going back to the 2260s, baby! Primary colored uniforms, Organians, that fight music, the whole bit!
    • Walter Koenig has signed on as a guest star to reprise Chekov!
    • Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan, has signed on to take on the mantle of his father's best-known role, as one Montgomery Scott. He cannae give ya the spoilers, but the photos they have been showing of him are impressive.
    • For the ENT era fans, guest star Matt Winston is going to be voicing everyone's favorite 31st century crewman, Daniels.
    • New ships, new uniforms, and other assorted goodies have been teased and promised.

    Official announce trailer here:

    Second, the game's getting a PS4 and XBOX ONE port. Less important, but kinda cool.
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    I just updated/downloaded this last night and it looks gorgeous. They've really gone out of their way to do the TOS-era justice. I haven't had a chance to play it yet but it looks top notch!

    Everything that FG said is there: Primary colored uniforms, Organians, that fight music, all of it!

    Can you tell I'm excited?
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      I miss playing it, as a big TOS fan myself, I'm stoked to create a character from the 23rd century.

      Also as a Nu Trek fan I'm stoked, but why do the uniforms have to be sold at lobi vendors and Kelvin ships in lockboxes? That's not fair.

      Sadly, I own a mac and I wish I could play.


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        (From a long slumber)

        Is this expansion Free-to-Play or is it pay content?


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          It's free to play


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            Is there an exact release date for the console version of STO? Or does it remain vaguely as Fall 2016?


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              It was released vaguely four months ago.
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