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  • Characterization

    I'm currently writing an alternate version of a character created by my dad and largely fleshed out by my uncle.
    What i have are the original notes my dad wrote when coming up with Davies. I have the first few bits he wrote as well.
    What i do not have is much of what my uncle did with him. I've been trying to find more of Albert's writing but it seems
    much of it is no longer online.

    Since this version is going to be in someways different its not a really big deal. I was just wondering where anyone of you
    start out at when fleshing a new character out? Is it writing complex backstory? Or do you jut jump in and see what happens?
    Seat of your pants style?

    Ultimately i want to pay tribute to the original character and his writers but i also want to make it my own. I know i could have created
    a new character but playing the "son" of my dads original character was my hook into really understanding all of this and in a way him
    and uncle Albert.

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    You might try out the internet wayback. I've used it to uncover more than a few treasure troves...
    Former CRO, LO, BFCC, and TF72CO.


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      Wasn't the biography on the old BF wiki? I thought I remember seeing it once a while ago if the wiki is still available greenfelt22 ?


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        You're right.
        Former CRO, LO, BFCC, and TF72CO.


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          I fell down a deeeeeep internet rabbit hole.



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            Most of the old classic Futility's End stuff is still on my server. I *think* a lot of it is still publicly accessible. If you are looking for something and are missing it, there's a good chance I have it... somewhere.