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    Currently (it seems I am the only one here) I use the HTC One (m8) Quite a good phone!


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      I myself have an iPhone 5S. I do like it, I've had it for over a year now. Its seamless and does everything I need it to do.
      I have no plans to change any time soon.



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        I have recently (in the last couple of weeks) got the new iPhone 7. I actually pre-ordered it, along with one for my partner and we picked them up the morning they went on sale. Have been impressed with it, and I love it so much! I upgraded from the iPhone 4 (8GB) and now I have 256GB one, so I have so much space, I don't know what to do with it....

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          I do tech support for a major cell provider so I have a rather unique perspective. I myself prefer Android and there are coworkers that swear by the Iphone.

          I like the iphone and if I was more embedded in the Apple microcosm, that would be fine, but I don't own a Mac or Ipad and probably never will.
          Also the Android system allows me to have a multitude of backup options, including saving music, contacts, pictures, etc on the Micro SD card (I won't buy a Droid that doesn't have an SD card slot). When I get a new droid, I can easily transfer all my stuff....including having music playing that I don't need to be connected to data or Wi-fi to listen to. Handy when shopping in big box stores where signal is terrible.

          Recently upgraded to the LG Stylo 2. It's the size of the Note 7, even has a stylus. I have good battery life. Even after a full work day when I use my phone on breaks and lunch, I still have about 80% when I get home, due mostly to leaving my screen at 30% where I can see it, but doesn't drain quick. Hard to compete when it retails for $240. An iphone 7 runs $700-$1000

          Blackberry and Windows phones are dead thank God for the most part. Should be interesting when 3g stops being supported in the next few years and those with basic phones have to make a switch. Too large a segment of phone users to ignore. Wonder if something like an LTE basic phone is in the works.


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            Heh, I'm super happy with my two year old Windows Phone. Will pick a dumbphone before I end up back on Android again. 700 security vulnerabilities in one year. If you have an Android you might as well set your password to "password1" and be done with it.


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              Now a part of the Google Pixel nation.
              You just read my post.

              And now you are reading my signature.


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                I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy J3 (I still have my Xperia M as a spare phone). I'm very impressed
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                  Samsung J2, I never really used beyonds text and calls much before so more than needed for me when I upgraded to this. Camera lense is good quality, runs any apps needed etc. Works fine.
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                    Used a 5S for the past couple of years, getting a Huawei P10 Plus in a month.


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                      Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Replaced original battery with a substitute, works better than the original one that went flat after about 3 hours of usage. But alas, 3+ years and counting of faithful service. I'm sattisfied.