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In the Wake of Invasion, Task Force 93 Needs YOU!

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  • In the Wake of Invasion, Task Force 93 Needs YOU!

    July 2, 2388, started a quiet day just like any other along the Gorn border. All that changed in a matter of hours. Listening posts went dark, hit-and-run attacks knocked out Starfleet assets throughout the sector, and massive Gorn fleets surged into the Cestus and Canterra systems. The blitzkrieg caught Starfleet completely off-guard. By the time it could organize a response, it was too late. The Gorn had entrenched themselves in their new occupied territories, and the thought of a bloody counterattack was too much for the Council to order without careful consideration.
    Task Force 93 has been assigned joint incident command over the crisis. Drawing from the Third, Fourth and Fifth Fleets, the 93rd Marine Expeditionary Unit, Grey Mist intelligence outfits, the Corps of Engineers and others, it is currently responsible for reinforcing the Federation's new border with the occupied territories, rebuilding facilities damaged during the invasion, seeking a diplomatic solution to recover its citizens, and ultimately gathering intelligence and planning for a tactical engagement, if and when it becomes necessary.
    Beyond the Canterra sector, Task Force 93 is also dealing with the repercussions of the Hobus hypernova that destroyed the Romulan homeworld, mediating interstellar conflicts between the Romulans, Klingons and Cardassians, and exploring a remote region of Federation space known as the Raeyan Sector that lies beyond the Klingon and Romulan Empires.
    With a range of storylines involving many of the Federation's notable neighbors, as well as an unexplored frontier and even a couple alien sims, we've got a bit of everything for everyone.

    Whether you're interested in writing on a game or leading one, come check us out or email us at

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    Are you a bored of the same routine? Want to do more and be more. Being a cadet just finished at the Academy? An officer that wants an adventure or that Commanding Officer that desires to be challenged? Then Task Force 93 is requesting your aid!

    USS Tornado - Klingon Empire Space

    The Tornado is performing diplomatic duties that challenge the day to day practice of the Federation in Klingon space. With the latest attack upon the ship and a Commanding Officer that was comatose for more than 3 weeks due her severe injury and the lost of personal in the explosion, we are in dire need of personal!

    IRV Imperiax - Romulan Space

    After receiving a cryptic message from an old contact within the reunification movement, whom indicated to know more about the truth. Things are going south as Tal Shiar takes capture of the Away Team. Help Commander Volus to regain the situation in the true Romulan Style!

    IKS Hurgh maS - Klingon Empire Space

    These Gorn Hegemony has captured possible Federation prisoners and it is our duty as Klingons to retrieve these prisoners in honor of peace towards the Federation. But our fighting spirit will be tested as Gorn vessels will challenge us. Today is a good day to die!

    USS Adelaide - Federation space

    The Crew is having issues with each other the past few days and the extreme ones get sick shortly after. A race against the clock has began for the crew to investigate what is going on. While the Captain struggles with his own personal headache issues that becomes a worrying factor for his Executive Officer.

    Ajax - Close to Gorn Occupied space

    The Ajax has received a new Commanding Officer that faces the challenge to guide a small vessel into covered operation missions at the occupied space taken by force of the Gorn. How long will it take for the Gorn to take the bite and attack the ship.

    USS Venture - Close to Romulan space

    Claiming to represent a faction that refuses to acknowledge Federation or Imperial authority, Venture has been attacked by a Romulan Warbird, the FRW V'ashan. Temporarily disabled by a re-purposed Breen Energy Dampening Weapon, the crew was in dire straights until the arrival on a El-Aurian Diplomatic Yacht. With their power restored and with a renewed sense of purpose, Captain Perin has ordered the ship to set course for the nearest Romulan Colony; a hub world known to the Federation as Raeyan Prime.

    Deep Space 14 - Federation space

    The Indie arrives at DS14. Xanthos are released to help with the construction of their own living quarters while Fastform does analysis of the surface. Strain on systems is intense and Xanthonians are initially resentful of staying on the station which represents their destruction. Fastform are horrified at the state of Xanthos. THose areas not hopelessly irradiated are poisoned or chocked with deadly flora and fauna. Fastform are used to dealing with barren worlds.
    These are but the many stories that Task Force 93 has to offer, but we need more. More people to help us in the battle against the Gorn, helping with rebuilding the Romulan Empire and helping with the strength we need in ships, outpost or colonies that require brave Commanding Officers. Sign up today! For a better tomorrow!


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      The war drums can be heard, they echo among the stars as the Gorn feast with their victory over their newly conquest. Rogue houses of the Klingon Empire are lurking from the shadows ready to do their act. The shattered Empire that was once the pride of the Romulans is now still on the verge of collapse as many try to grab control. The Federation requires people to stand in service to protect the borders, to take back what should be free and assist where required.

      Sign up today!