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  • First Officer Required.

    The U.S.S. Dreadnought is an Ascension Class Dreadnought variant starship currently the Flagship to Admiral S'iraa and Task Force 72. Starting her career as a Galaxy Refit class and evolving over the past 11 years (2005 to present) from it to a Ronin class and ultimately to its current. Formerly a Forum based simm she has moved on to a Nova style set up and many of the current crew are the original crew from 2005 just with new or different characters.

    Our current mission finds the Dreadnought under attack by an unknown biological organism already the cause for the deaths of a freighter crew and passengers which now threatens the lives of everyone on board it's newly found feeding ground. Now the crew must combat this creature before they too become casualties to this being.

    The Dreadnought finds itself in need of a new First Officer.

    Someone who can keep the mission progressing, interact with the crew, encourage activity through suggestions or hints for posts and simm development.

    Key attributes: Active, Productive, Creative, Supportive and able to work on own initiative are a must. Prior experience as a First Officer would be beneficial.

    Website -

    Any questions feel free to PM me on Discord @Teh Kitteh Overlord