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    The USS Ascension's first post:

    A PNPC post...warrant Officer Jack Kirby (written by Lt. Hank Elrod)


    "Dear Erwin,

    I still don't understand why you insist on written communications. It's so obsolete!

    Well I'm at Storm Lake, and have met Lt. Elrod. It's hard to believe, he's related to the "Butcher of Kaleb". Compared to Frank, he's 100% Fleeter. Absolutely no sense of humor!

    I hit dirtside early, so that I could relax before having to run around in a monkey suit again. If I wasn't so hard up for cash and if it wasn't Mom paying the bill, there's no way you could get me to wear a fleeter uniform! Anyway, I made it to Storm Lake, checked in to the temporary BOQ, and decided check out a bar. Not the ****py one that the fleeters hang out at, but one in town. A place called G Witter's.

    So, I was just getting comfortable and..."


    Yes, he was feeling much better now. The stuff they served here wasn't exactly spice, or even sarien brandy, but after a few shots, he was starting to get a slight buzz. The bar was quiet by his standards, but the civilians seemed OK. Much better than being around a bunch of fleeters, trying to prove how tough they are...He hadn't had to hurt anyone yet...and since he was 'on duty', Mom (this was Gentry's old call sign), would disapprove.

    Most of the women here were not really his type...Well, there was the one at the end of the bar. And Jack was sure she was giving him the eye.

    So he decided to go over, and maybe ask her out...suave like.

    "Whasssss a g girl like you...(Urp!)...d doing to this"

    There was a hard tap on his shoulder and Kirby was spun around. He looked......up.

    "That's my girl yer botherin'!"

    The dude was big! With a farmer's tan and a heavy bush of reddish blond hair that made him look like a cross between a human and a lion.

    Kirby decided to say something witty...

    "Booooy! You are one uuuuugly individ...individ..ind...dude."

    'Simba' didn't seem to like all...In fact, he looked like he was wanting to crush him...for a second...A couple hits in the right place, dropped 'Leo' like a sack of potatoes. That was when he noticed the other guys...and they didn't look happy at all!...This guy has friends?

    "Well...time to leave."

    As he backed out, the mob followed...He knew they were ready to spring. But, before this could happen the 'Lion King' broke through the small crowd..."I'm gonna rip your..."

    Jack didn't wait for the end of the speech. In the corner of his eye he notice a young couple gliding slowly by on hover bikes...pastel hover bikes. He pulled the guy off the cute green one and kicked it into gear.

    He was moving at a good speed...Zipping in and out between buildings, at a safe altitude of five meters... He was thinking about how close he came to getting into trouble again, when...


    Oh ****! There was 'Simba' on the cute pink bike...With a metal bar or something in his hand.

    "Where'd he get that?" Jack asked himself.

    The pink hover bike over took his, and Leo swung....

    "Ha! Ya missed"

    But, Kirby noticed there was smoke coming out of this bike...and it now wanted to only turn right. He had just enough control, to miss the wall of the two story building, as Laughing Boy shot past...

    ...He didn't miss the window.

    CRASH! Went the window (made with real quaint). Jack did a perfect roll as the hover bike came to a sudden stop...He was on his feet in a flash.


    There was a wet naked woman coming out of the bathroom....She looked pretty nice...Kirby spent a second enjoying the view, then stepped out the apartment door, ran down the stairs...and ran into some uniformed people.

    One of them shot him with a stun beam.


    "....yes, and the people of Storm Lake were so nice, they treated me to some accommodations for a few days and threw in free meals!..."


    "Kirby...Jack Kirby! Wake up! Someone's here to get you."

    The door opened revealing the jailer and a bald guy in a black fleeter uniform.

    "This is your commanding officer, Lt. Elrod." said the Storm Lake cop.

    Then Baldy yelled...Loudly.

    "On your feet!"


    Hi I'm Lt. Henry Elrod, Wing Commander on the USS Ascension.

    Presently, we are a simm that is just starting out (meaning we have positions available).

    Why might you want to join us? Your ask.

    1. The Captain and I are seasoned RPG simmers...This is good for both experienced players and beginners.

    2. The Ascension is a carrier station in the Raeyan sector...this is not a boring place!

    3. The Ascension is one of only two ships that carry Gryphon fighters.

    4. Adventure is ALWAYS around the corner.

    We are looking to fill these positions:

    Executive Officer
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Security / Tactical Officer
    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Starfighter Wing Deputy Commander

    If you have a special player position not listed above, contact Lieutenant Commander Dellucci...I'm sure something can be worked out.

    So....Come join us at:

    Note: Do not expect the game to be as boring as the first post...

    Lt. Henry "Hank" Elrod
    Wing Commander, USS Ascension
    TF-93, S.E.A.R.C.H.
    Bravo Fleet