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  • The Traveller Beckons

    Towards the end of the 24th Century the Federation has fought wars, brokered peace, and gained the stability that only a warrior could dream of. Federation science advances, new colonies flourish, and Starfleet rebuilds and licks its wounds. But what advances can be made without new discovery? Without sacrifice? The mission of the USS Traveller will see it travel to new stars, new worlds, and new discoveries.

    The Traveller calls.

    Using an experimental technology Starfleet intends to send a ship beyond the Galactic Barrier, and out into the darkness between galaxies. Its destination will be Messier 4, a globular cluster orbiting our very own Milky Way galaxy. Millions of unexplored stars, and strange new worlds await the brave and foolish who crew the starship Traveller. For whilst leaving this galaxy is the work of scientists and theorists, their return is far from certain. The machinery is too large to fit within a ship, and possibly may only work once.

    And that isn’t even taking into account the fact that when map makers stop making maps, they tend to write the warning ‘Here be dragons’.

    Current Open Positions: --Chief Operations Officer --Chief Science Officer --Chief Tactical Officer --Chief of Security

    Got another idea? Something special? PM me here and we can hash it out.