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Building a Peaceful Future for Generations to Come

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  • Building a Peaceful Future for Generations to Come

    The DFS Lavie is a custom canon chat and forum hybrid sim which takes place on a prototype modified Luna-class starship in the extreme far future following an alternate history. The ship is the flagship of the Trinity Special Operations Unit; a unit that operates outside of Starfleet and the normal Federation Military services; as a result it has personnel from all different divisions. It conducts missions in service to the President of the Federation meaning that it does everything from tactical missions and diplomacy to emergency response and law enforcement.

    The sim takes place in the 46th century meaning that technology is a lot different combining science fiction along with some fantasy elements or what would be seen as fantasy from those in the 24th century anyway. It is a universe ravaged by war and only recent reformation of the Federation under the name of the Galactic Federation formed to restore peace and further discover the galaxy. Currently it is on the brink of civil war after the Commander of one of its Special Forces Units; Faith Special Forces declared himself the God of Betazoid and took the force under his direction which consists of mercenaries, traitors and pirates. Trinity was founded as a result of this as the President needed someone she could trust to help maintain peace and fight back the FSF. Once the unit was founded the President went on a search for its first Captain and found a girl whom traveled from the 21st century against her will by a Q meddling with time; Yuka Layton was selected to be this Captain and soon after the first major battle of the upcoming civil war was named Commanding Officer of Trinity and promoted to Commodore.

    The Lavie has so far completed missions involving saving planet’s from Human created scientific disasters, stopping the FSF from experimenting on indigenous peoples, preventing their expansion and blockade of aligned and un-aligned worlds, recovering a captured deep space station and uncovering FSF’s future plans.

    This sim is a chat and forum hybrid sim meaning that you can post via chats which take place when players want to write or post on our message board as you see fit. This sim is an adults only (18+) game due to its violent plot, characters engaging in use of drugs and alcohol, suggestive themes, sexual content, excessive language and other questionable content (occasional descriptions of torture and suggestively questionable things… Things some writers may find disturbing.).

    As previously noted this game also follows its own custom canon and so if you have an idea on how to improve our story our GMs will be happy to listen to you… The story does have a little bit of a learning curve (first point being as mentioned above Starfleet is not a key focus of this story; Trinity is a military organization, second, we use technology that some might not see as valid by the 24th century’s standards, third mecha in space combat and fourth overpowered beings whom believe they are all powerful… Example being the head of FSF; he thinks he is god.) If this seems like something that would interest you please feel free to visit our website or forum and check out the game. We are currently in need of the following key positions.

    Chief Tactical Officer
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief of Field Operations
    Chief Medical Officer
    Pilots (Mech, Fighter and Shuttle)
    All Junior Officers

    If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out on our forum or chat site.


    Josh Hina
    GM1; Eine Neue Reise Beginnt (Part of The New Universes Project Storyline)
    Plays Commodore Yuka Layton
    DFS Lavie and Trinity Special Operations Commanding Officer
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    Josh Hina

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    The Lavie has just arrived at a planet to make first contact, have some leave and complete a mission for its local government. We have had a number of new people join us over the past few weeks and are interested in having more people come to see how our game works. If you have any interest or questions please feel free to reach out.
    Josh Hina


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      The Lavie and company were taking time on leave but were then asked to help the planet's defense service in dealing with a weapon that some former soldiers created to try to take control of the planet's government. The crew is now trying to find a way to prevent bloodshed and save the planet. We are in need of a number of key positions at this time.
      Josh Hina


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        We have recovered the planet after a battle with the Imperial Army remnants whom were using a space gun to hold the planet hostage and are making preparations to head off again. We have many bridge postings, senior staff postings and junior officer postings available. Please feel free to reach out if interested or if you have questions about our concept.
        Josh Hina


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          The Lavie has been recalled to Earth and are looking for bridge positions to be filled. If interested please let me know.
          Josh Hina