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  • Rapid Response: USS Devonshire

    The modular design of the Insignia class starship lends itself to a variety of mission types and the module types available for it allow it to be a general-purpose ship or specialize in any given area. However, it also allows for a Rapid Response Vessel like the USS Devonshire to conduct a wide multitude of missions from day to day.

    A Rapid Response Vessel is deployed where its needed, when its needed. It offers a wide variety of skills and abilities in one package. As a Rapid Response Vessel, our crew sometimes has to operate outside what would be considered normal duties on other ships. Marines to conduct a planetary landing? No worries, we’ve got a Marine Battalion and it’s supporting Air Wing. Extended science and medical labs to stop a disease from wiping out a colony? Covered. Outpost in need of evacuating? We’ve got room for those folks. Neighboring systems not getting along? Our Diplomatic Detachment can help negotiate a settlement before things get ugly. Sometimes just the presence of a ship with these abilities is enough of a deterrent to calm everyone down before things go downhill.

    The Devonshire left Providence Shipyards only 48 hours after completing a major refit cycle. Many of our crew hadn’t arrived before we left dock. At the moment we’re making o with what we’ve got, but do you have an interest in helping to fill in our gaps? The Devonshire and her crew are currently headed to Xavier Fleet Yards, which was hit hard during the opening moments of the Gorn Invasion. The mission is multifaceted: to assist in cleaning up the area of debris, securing any vessels still there against pirates and thieves, assist the Fleet Yards personnel in repairing the yards and assisting with any outstanding medical issues.

    We are currently seeking the following positions as a PRIORITY:

    Chief Flight Control Officer: Responsible for putting the ‘Rapid’ in our Rapid Response designation, the Flight Control Officer, commonly called the Helm Officer, must be adept at high speed maneuvering while enroute to a mission and evasive maneuvering when we’re in combat.

    Chief Operations Officer: With our modular design and facilities we have the mission profiles of two or three ships, so multi-tasking is a necessity! Ops is responsible for making sure Security, the Marines, Engineering, Intelligence, and the Squadron are all kept running effectively without tripping over each other or draining resources at a critical time.

    Chief Science Officer: Rather than mapping anomalies, our science crew may be mapping emergency incidents and debris fields. Thinking outside the box to use science to solve the problems we encounter.

    Chief Diplomatic Officer: Whether its assisting the Ops Officer in securing supply contracts for the ship, negotiating for the release of hostages, or negotiating a peace treaty between warring factions, our Diplomat has to be on top of his game.

    Various Marine Officers: The muscle of our Rapid Response force the Marine Expeditionary Unit brings a lot to the table. Whether its direct combat, Special Operations, construction and engineering support, setting up an emergency hospital, or anti-ship combat and close air support, the Marines are ready to get the job done.

    Civilian Staff: While we have Starfleet and Marine Officers for just about everything, some jobs are still contracted out to civilians. That might be the teacher for any children onboard, the chef in the officers mess, the bartender or lounge manager in the lounge, or the civilian administrator who takes care of them all. Some jobs just can’t be handled by a uniform!

    Any open position not listed above is also available!

    Interested personnel may find us at:

    Have questions? Email the Captain at:
    Join the conversation on our Discord Server: