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  • For Honor and Empire

    The year is 2288 and the Empire is in turmoil. Relations with the Romulans are deteriorating quickly. The Federation is expanding its borders rapidly. In this maelstrom, the Councilor sees more enemies at court than on the frontiers. It is a time of hardship.

    We are the crew of the IKS bey veS and we are warriors of the Klingon Defense Force. Our primary assignment is to the Romulan frontier. The peace treaty between our empires is falling apart. Attacks and raids across the border are becoming more common place. The road will be perilous but also glorious. Will you join us?

    We are recruiting for all positions:

    First Officer (This will position require an interview with the commanding officer. You will be acting Second Officer during the first mission until there is a change of command.)
    Chief Weapons Officer
    Chief Navigator
    Chief Engineer
    Chief Physician
    Marine Commander
    Chief Intelligence Officer (This position has the same duties as a Star Fleet intelligence officer but is also a political officer.)
    Other positions such as weapons officers, support personnel, and marines.

    Please have a look at our site. If you have any questions please ask.
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    Still searching for crew. Added a discord channel.