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Attention, Attention Roosevelt Station is calling you!

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  • Attention, Attention Roosevelt Station is calling you!

    Originally Roosevelt Station was on an Asteroid which was named Garen Epok, which was involved in the Breen Crisis when during late 2386, a small fleet of Breen ships tried to gain control of the small asteroid Garen Epok and the Federation base on it, which was Roosevelt Station. What ensued has become known as the Battle of Garen Epok, which resulted in a Federation victory. One of the few open engagements between the two powers, the battle had certainly the result of heightening the tensions along the borders.

    While Roosevelt was based on the asteroid, this would not be its permanent home. An abandoned and rundown Cardassian Space Station was discovered nearby. Starfleet determined that this would make a valuable asset in this sector. Early looks at that station's interior determined that the Nor was a bit different than its sisters. The Federation appealed to the Cardassians, who refused to help them in getting the systems operational. This resulted in the Nor-class station being left abandoned for a while longer. It wasn’t until the middle of 2388 that the Federation decided to send a group of Engineers that could get the systems operational.

    If you're looking for something fun an exciting and little on the edge please come check us out. Also, stop by our chat room or DM me if you have any questions.

    Open Positions

    Chief Flight Control Officer (mainly for USS Cairo their attached ship can pair with another position if you like for when they are on Base)
    Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Counselor
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Chief Diplomatic Officer
    Marine Detachment Officer
    Starfighter Group Commander

    If you're not interested in a Chief position there are plenty of junior positions available as well. Roosevelt Station is a rating of 16+

    Please come check us out and let the fun begin!
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    Please Note: Not a Current Member of the BFA or TF72 Staff