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USS Excalibur: Changes.... Changes.... and new crew???

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  • USS Excalibur: Changes.... Changes.... and new crew???

    In a world where one species has been rocked to their very core, another has lost everything they ever held dear to them, and both are bent on showing that they can recover in vastly different ways. All it takes is one shot to the bow and hell might break loose. Add into that one race that may choose to take advantage of all the chaos and it looks like a recipe for disaster.

    The USS Excalibur recently converted to an Ascension-class starship is ready to serve in Task Force 93. The Ascension-class starship is one of the most advanced and most powerful vessels ever built by Starfleet. Rated for combat, exploration, scientific, diplomatic, and logistics missions, the 1,600 member crew is dedicated to serving at the forefront of Starfleet and the Federation.

    The USS Excalibur, taken off its mission in the Raeyan Transit Corridor, have been tasked with a humanitarian rescue. An earthquake has struck the outpost of Tania Borealis, and right now, the USS Excalibur is needed there! What will they see when they arrive, what resources are needed, what about the citizens of the planet, the outpost? Questions that all need to be answered. Even more of a concern, the outpost is only 20 light years from the Klingon border, could this be a chance for the Klingons to take a stance in the Beta Quadrant, with all their goings-on, this could be a chance to distract the Federation and do something that could sway the power in the quadrant for months, if not years.

    Could this message have something to do with the changes...

    [Several Hours Earlier]
    [Providence Fleet Yards]

    “Ant, I’m so sorry it has come to this, I’m so sorry that you were out of the loop, but I need you as far away from this mess as possible. I thought you could be of some help, but it seems the movement has found my weakness and they simply are hell-bent on destroying the Federation and they are doing it through me”

    “I sabotaged the old USS Excalibur, enclosed you will find the details on how the virus was installed and how it got through the whole ship. You were meant to be out of the way but when Starfleet ordered you to take on the USS Phoenix, the plans changed. They started ordering me to sabotage the intelligence reports”

    “I can’t do it anymore”

    “Your sister and niece… my wife and daughter were kidnapped by the movement some four months ago. I have had limited contact with them, but I know they are safe. I know where they are. Following the briefing today, I made contact with two of my former marine friends from Starbase 242 and we are making plans to go and rescue Elisabeth and Abigail. You are not to come, you are not to come searching for me.”

    “I need to do this my way, please know that they are the top priority. I am the last priority. Should I not make it back, you know what to do”

    We have vacancies for positions such as: -
    • Chief Flight Control Officer (Helmsman)
    • Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    • Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    • Chief Operations Officer
    • Chief Engineering Officer
    • Chief Science Officer
    • Chief Counselor
    • Fighter Wing Commander
    • Numerous Assistant Department Head positions
    • Even more enlisted and civilian positions, just ask...
    Come and check out our website today through the following links.
    Admiral Bradley J. Harrison - Task Force Administrator, Task Force 93
    Captain Anthony Richardson - Commanding Officer, USS Excalibur
    Commander Andrew Harrington - Commanding Officer, USS Relentless