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Brainstormed Character. Hope to use him

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  • Brainstormed Character. Hope to use him


    Gareb Endilev



    80.7408 kg (178 lbs)


    Sex thaan(Male)

    Physical Description

    Rather tall individual standing at over 6 feet tall or about two meters.Teal skin owing to his mixed heritage. Standard white hair. Has the Aenar trait of indentions in his antennae.

    Posture is what he’d describe as “semi erect.” Stands with “military bearing” but not ramrod straight.

    On duty he prefers type A undershirt with starfleet labcoat

    Off duty he dresses very casual. Preferring just a t shirt or tank top with jeans or shorts


    There are two sides to his personality. On duty and Off

    On Duty he is more or less of a straight shooter. His bedside manner is ever present but he’ll tell you like it is. Same goes for his staff. He’s not a hard man once you get to know him, he just doesn’t sugar coat things. Basically “If you have a job to do, do it.” kind of attitude. He is trying to mellow out however. Also enjoys the acronym KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)

    Off duty he is very different. Fun loving individual who enjoys reading and holodeck time. His programs are varied. Running on Earth one day. Mystery the next. Likes to live life while he can because of personal experience

    Strengths and weaknesses

    S-No nonsense
    Loyal to his friends
    willing to learn

    W-Prone to tunnel vision


    Gareb was born on the homeworld of Andoria to a mixed parentage of one Andorian and one Aenar. His father stayed true to his Aenar roots and was content to stay isolated from the galactic community. His mother was the polar opposite however, pursuing a career in starfleet. When Gareb was young she was assigned to a Cheyenne class vessel to which there were no accommodations for family. As such, Gareb split his time between home with the Aenar and school at the federation compound

    It was at school that he developed an interest in a world beyond his own. In his lessons he soaked up any and all information like a sponge does water. It was then he realized that he was able to forge his own destiny, ultimately deciding that a career in starfleet was in the cards. Telepathically he brought this to his father, who was adamant that he stay on world. This caused them to distance themselves from each other in a small way.

    Gareb never gave up on his dream however

    He followed his father's wishes all through the years up to the age of seventeen. On his own time however he applied for entrance to starfleet academy.

    At the age of seventeen his dream came true with the message confirming his appointment to starfleet academy. He made a last plea to his father for his blessing, which was denied. Slightly dejected he forged ahead, choosing a medical/science track.

    His time at the academy was pretty much typical. Courses, extracurriculars, time with friends.. His grades were high B average for the most part. His senior year is where things got interesting. He was assigned to an Oberth class science ship, the USS Arnica. They were given a mission to examine an anomaly that had appeared in the Coridan system.

    The Anicas chief science officer sent Gareb in a one man shuttle pod to afford the young cadet the opportunity to see an unexplained phenomena up close and personal. Gareb jumped at the chance and eagerly flew out to it. The anomaly itself was next to an adjacent moon.

    As soon as he got next to the anomaly his shuttles systems started to go haywire after getting hit by some kind of discharge from the phenomena itself. Eventually Gareb passed out and the small pod fell out of control, ultimately disappearing in a flash of brilliant light.

    the next thing he remembers is waking up in a starfleet hospital on the surface of coridan only to find out that while it's been hours for him, years have passed in time. Gareb is now pressing forward, trying to make sense of his place in a new era

    Gareb then took a leave of absence for a year to try to reconnect with family and friends, with mixed results. Young cadets he knew were now senior captains and admirals, or left starfleet. Family had declared him dead so he gained custody of his now repaired shuttlepod rechristened the "mini Kumari" and flew about the alpha quadrant with no real direction. This satisfied him for a little while but his first love had always been starfleet. And now with no real attachments he was more or less free.

    With help from his friends who still owed him favors he wrangled and appointment to Starfleet Medical Academy. Naturally he took the extra Engineering coursework in order to learn all of the "newfangled" technologies that had been developed in his absence.

    While here he found a stray kitten who he keeps as company.

    Despite his absence Gareb squeaked by with a B average and was awarded his MD. He has now cast his fortunes on the wind, going where starfleet sends him.