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    Need a home for a Asst. Operation Chief and his BFF, Possible Love Interests and fellow Operations Officer.

    Lieutenant (JG) Kevin Pittman is a very active and fun Ops Chief who is looking for a challenge. Currently the Asst. Ops Chief of the USS Vindex, he and his side-kick Ensign Jessie Hall both need a new home.

    If you've got a place for him to advance both professional and in some great character development, please let me know. As far a Jessie goes, I'm looking for three possible things with her.
    • She's just a NPC that needs development in which case, no need to worry about her as I can do that.
    • Someone takes her as a PNPC and develops a love-dynamic with Pittman.
    • Someone takes her as a PC and develops all aspects about her, changes just about anything they like about her with the exception of her eventually falling for Kevin.
    The character was developed for this potential ending however it you have someone who meets the criteria that you've already developed as a character, let me know and we can go from there. Thanks everyone for all you considerations. Here is a complete bio of Pittman and free feel to check out the posts thus far.
    Kevin Pittman Jessie Hall
    Command Cadet Adonis Sindoa | BF Command Academy
    Lieutenant Arran McKay - Tactical Operator | USS Bellona
    Lieutenant (JG) Kevin Pittman - Asst. Operations Chief | USS Vindex
    Ensign Kyran Dorn - Intelligence Officer | USS Nogura
    Ensign Sebastian Farrell - Operations Officer | USS Perenolde
    Sergeant Austin Vega - Squad Leader | USS Infinity