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Experienced (Even in BF) Writer looking for activity

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  • Experienced (Even in BF) Writer looking for activity

    So, not the first time I've come around to Bravo Fleet. Even run a ship once upon a time, but right now just looking for something to keep creativity going, and enjoy some writing. My only warning is that I can be a bit long winded in how I write, that's not an apology, just a warning lol. But, typical characters I like to run are the...well, let's call them "Bastards", the ones everyone can rely on, but would never say that aloud themselves. Usually I find that's Marine Commanders, Squadron Commanders, or if need be an XO, but that might be a bit more responsibility than I can handle right off the bat. But, would love to hear something about the whole thing, and I'll give you my best.