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Maybe, possibly, perhaps, dipping my toes back in.

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  • Maybe, possibly, perhaps, dipping my toes back in.

    Title says it all. Maybe, Possibly, Perhaps, looking to start doing some writing again.

    What I'm looking for:

    Civilian Roles: Played Several - perhaps looking to get back into that. Doesn't even have to be a limelight character, even someone that you need for a part time basis. Have an old Freighter Captain looking for some place in the Galaxy as well as a down and out Private Eye. Can create as needed.
    Also written/played CMO
    May be interested in engineering.
    Played a Marine once, XO/Security

    Previous Sims:
    CO - SS Warden
    CMO - SB611/USS Genesis
    CMO - USS Essex
    Various Civilians - DS12/Roark
    Half dozen other characters here and there

    BF Experience

    Feel free to hit me up if you need someone.
    Captain Walter Jones
    SS Warden N48E-MC

    Vice Admiral Emeritus Alfred Blye
    TFCO: TF9, TF86, TF93