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Help Wanted in Logistics.

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  • Help Wanted in Logistics.

    Bravo Fleet is made up of some of the best writers around and the Logistics Department is looking to recruit some of you all into our ranks. The Logistics Department has openings in all departments. Below are the areas that we oversee and were we need you.

    Bravo Fleet News Service: The news service has been quite for some time now but that is about to change. We are looking to relaunch the news service and we need dedicated writers looking to report on all the news that is news with in the fleet. If you have ever imagined yourself as an intrepid reporter here is your chance to live the dream.

    Hall of Honor: There is great honor in working with the HOH. We do the work needed to make sure that those who have earned recognition within the fleet are recognized.

    Info Base: There is a lot of information on Info Base and yet there is much more to add. The work load is great but the result will be greater and you could be part of it.

    Graphics Department: Are you artistically inclined. Then this is were you can let your talent shine. From character images to mission banners your art will be seen through out the fleet. Also anyone who might be interested in assisting with illustrations for the pages of Info Base, especially the technology section, will have plenty of work to do.

    Ship Specifications: Do you love ships? Can you go on for an hour about the differences between the Nova and Rhode Island class of ships? Then this is the place for you. Here in the Specifications Department you will help write up the specifications that will be listed on Info Base.

    If you are interested in lending a hand in one or more of the above mentioned areas, or if you just have a questions contact me on Discord were I go by the extremely creative Name of Shannon.

    Lieutenant Hamilton Long: Chief Engineer - Endeavour NX-06 - TF 64
    Lieutenant Avarn Lorgan: Chief Engineer - USS Mercury NCC-1440 - TF 64
    Lieutenant Trevan Ventor: Chief Engineer - USS Kitsune NX-79832-B - TF 72