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  • Task Force 9 Executive Officer

    Do you want to be among the vanguard of Federation exploration and expansion? To retrace the steps of Sisko and Dax but go beyond? Do you want to be part of a story that gives its writers the full freedom to be as creative as they want but still has an overarching story to tell? Do you want to be involved at the very core of this organization? If the answers to all these questions is yes, and you wish to advance beyond the writer or CO level this will be the job for you!

    Task Force 9 is currently seeking a new Task Force Executive Officer! As Task Force Executive Officer you will become part of the Task Force Senior Staff and in cooperation with myself as well as the Task Group Commanding Officers guide our COs and aid in the development of the Task Force story. For many COs you will be their first or second point of contact and your actions will impact the very nature of the Task Force and have an impact on everyone in it. It is a great first step into advancing within the Fleet.

    I am looking for someone who wants to see Task Force 9 prosper and is excited for the many opportunities the Task Force presents. Prior participation within Task Force 9 or even experience in Fleet beyond the sim command level is not needed. Everyone is invited to apply, whether you have been in BF for 21 years or just a few months. All will be given fair consideration and judged on their qualities!

    If you are interested in this position, please reach out to me on Discord(On the BF server known as Alexander) or by sending an e-mail to (please in this case also reach out on Discord as e-mails are sometimes dropped.