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Delta Quadrant Species Threads?

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  • Delta Quadrant Species Threads?

    Had an idea I'd like to kick off here on the forum. Would anyone be interested in having periodic threads to discuss specific Delta Quadrant species and societies?

    And I don't mean just what's in the Infobase, Memory Alpha, or Beta, I'm also looking for discussion on how you write characters of those species and societies. How do you characterize them, and what kind of canon might you have created around them? Come up with any specifically interesting NPC's that belong to the society? Any interesting quirks or little details -- that sort of thing.

    The idea is to create an informal pool of information from each sim as we continue to write in our corner of the galaxy. Maybe build off of each others ideas as we go, incorporating elements into our own stories. A bonus is that it could be a great source of fleet canon and developing infobase content where appropriate, too.