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November 13, 2388 - New Leadership for the Marine Expeditionary Unit

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  • November 13, 2388 - New Leadership for the Marine Expeditionary Unit

    A joint post by zyrell and Moss

    Lieutenant General Jagged Anderson was in his office. His current assignment since he had stepped down as Commanding Officer of Task Force 38 was as the Commanding Officer of the 38th Marine Expeditionary Unit. It was a post he was very adept at since he had done it prior to his appointment for Flag Rank.

    Now, he was going to do something that would be the hardest part of his career. He was recently married to a former Marine Colonel Kaila Jacobs. She was a long time partner of his during both of their early careers. He smiled thinking of his wife. It was going to be hard thinking of her in that way since they hadn'’t seen much of each other since she broke thing off nearly ten years earlier. Now they were back to what they had been before her father had put an end to her career. She ran a small security agency that Rear Admiral Diego Macedo had hired for protection during the early stages of Helios Colony.

    He heard the beep and quickly pushed the button to the viewscreen and could see the Caitian officer who had been assigned to be his aide. “"Private Slasha, what is it?”" Jagged said in a tone that meant he needed to get things done.

    Private Slasha nodded. "“Sorry to disturb you General, but your long range communications has managed to get through to Lieutenant Colonel Braxton.”"

    Jagged nodded his scarred up face. "“Good Private. Please put him through”."

    He waited while the change in the screen came to light upon a man in the uniform of a Lieutenant Colonel. “"Hi Will. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me at such short notice. Since time is of the essence, I needed to discuss one major item with you”." He took a breath and waited for Will to respond.

    “"When a three stars tell you to get on the horn, sir, you don’t play around,”" Will replied as he sat in his office on Starbase Thirty-Eight. Will looked at the face of the highest-ranking Marine in the Delta Quadrant. “"How can I help you sir?”"

    Jagged nodded slightly. He had known Will for a while, including when he had been a part of Starbase 900. It had been a while since he had thought about his old home as he had spent a number of years there as well as on USS Poseidon. “"Well Will, there are some very important changes coming. First of which, I will be working exclusively with the Delta Advisory Council as I am settling down."” He smiled to show that it was good news “"It has been determined that you will be taking over as the Commander of the Marine Expeditionary Unit. As you know that can come with a great chance for advancement." He knew this would probably be a shock to the Lt Colonel.

    Will wanted to slam his head against the wall after he heard those words. He had a feeling it was something big and frankly this was his worst nightmare. "“You are aware, sir, that I am a military police officer, correct?”"

    Jagged nodded. "I am aware of your background. You are the perfect selection for the job. I am settling down and I can’t afford to go haring off into danger. You are posted at the proper place for it as well. Kartelan Station is where a lot it going to happen and you will have another assignment as well which will be just as important. Do you think you are up to the job?”"

    Looking at the screen, Will leaned back into his chair and wondered. He knew that, next to the General, he was one of the most experience Marines left in the Delta Quadrant. Frankly, that scared him on a level he did not want to think about. There use to be an entire MEU in the quadrant, but the Borg changed that when they attacked Starbase 900. Now they were a MEU in name only, spread out across two theatres.

    "“I’ll take the job, General,”" Will replied as he looked at the man on the screen.

    Jagged nodded “I am pleased Will. "There aren'’t many Marines in the area that could take over the role, and those that can don’t have the experience needed to command others. You will do well with this role”." Jagged was more pleased than what he was showing. He had assumed that it might have been harder for him to get the person into the role but instead he took on the role that used to belong to Jagged. It would take a while to get used to not running the MEU.

    "“Will I need to sign off the portal is closing soon so the communication will be cut off. I look forward to working with you Will.”"
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