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January 9, 2389

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  • January 9, 2389

    Starfleet has began to amass as many ships and personnel in the Alpha Quadrant. These people and ship are the relief force for the Delta Quadrant. The plan is to get as many ship through the gateway as possible.

    January 9, 2389

    Starbase 611
    Kovar System

    Major General Paul Potter (Moss)
    Commanding Officer, Kartelan Station
    Commanding Officer, Task Force 38

    Commodore Camila Wakeman
    Commanding Officer, Starbase 611

    Captain Tholev zh'Mairhc
    Commanding Officer, USS Sizemore

    Commander Milo Tora (MiloTora)
    Commanding Officer, USS Columbus

    Commander Calvin Rhodes
    Commanding Officer, USS Hypatia

    Commander Lucien St. Cyr (Star_Geek)
    Commanding Officer, USS Steadfast

    Lieutenant Commander Jaesivi Egein (The Ostrich)
    Commanding Officer, USS Endurance

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    Starbase Six-One-One was a hive of activity as Federation and Starfleet ships warped into the sector. The base was one of the few Jupiter class Science Stations that were still in operation deep inside Federation space.

    Sector Three-Four-Nine or as it was otherwise known as, the Raeyan Sector, had a rich history in the Federation. The region possessed a plethora of habitable planets, species, stellar phenomena, and at one time was the only way to get to the the Delta Quadrant.

    Starting in 2372, the sector had been the area of operations for Task Force 58; until 2386 when Starfleet withdrew a majority of its assets from the region, leaving only a fringe set of assets behind to support existing colonies and protect the transwarp gate. With increasing hostilities between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire following the Hobus Incident, it’s importance has now returned and, following the Treaty of Nelvana, the Raeyan Sector is now part of Task Force 93’s area of operations.

    As consequences of restored contact with Task Force 38 via the Epatha Gateway, the Federation was putting everything it could spare into the sector. It had assigned ships to Task Force 93 on a temporary status, before they would be launched via the Gateway to the Delta Quadrant.

    Standing in the main conference room of Starbase 611, Major General Paul Potter had to suppress a smirk as he looked at activity. In addition to the five ships assigned to the base, there were over fifty ships out there. Starfleet knew for a fact based on reports from the USS Equinox and further science reports that the Epatha Gateway was only open for fifteen minutes every forty-five days.

    In the beginning, Starfleet had wanted him to remain behind until the entire Task Force was back up to full strength. That was not Paul’s Modus Operandi. He was a Major General in the Starfleet Marine Corps. He did not believe in allowing people under his command to make the first move, he would be the first to go through the gateway.

    “Paul, please tell me that I am getting my base back,” came a feminine voice at the door to the room.

    Paul had to suppress a smirk as he turned around, “You’ll get it back Mila. I just need to borrow it for the day.”

    Commodore Camila Wakeman walked into the room and looked at her friend. She was showing her fifty-six years as she stood beside a man that appeared to be in his late thirties. Giving him a smile, she hooked her arms into his as they looked at the ships. She had been friends with the man when he had been assigned to the USS Maryland.

    Paul took strength from his friend as he looked out at the Task Force that would all be heading for the Fourth of July Nebula in a few hours. He gave her arm a quick squeeze before releasing it to look at Master Gunnery Sergeant Bumi Kiarril and Master Chief Yeoman Dokkethe; his senior administrative specialist and Cami’s senior yeoman.

    “Sir, Ma,am; We are just waiting for the rest of them,” Bumi stated as she drew the attention of the two Flag Officer. At the moment, Paul and the group were waiting for the Commanding and Executive Officers of the ships that would be launching into the Delta Quadrant. Among those ship were reinforcements for the Thirty-Eighth Marine Expeditionary Unit and they would fall under Paul’s command until Braxton could take command…

    A moment later, the doors to the conference room parted and a tall, athletic looking human or near human male in command red walked in and snapped to attention, his right arm twitching in what appeared to be an aborted salute. “Commander Milo Tora, commanding officer, USS Columbus, reporting as ordered.”

    Calvin kept his head low as he followed Tora into the conference room. He had been in few situations that required him to be in close proximity to so many senior officers. He was admittedly nervous at what they might think or whisper about. “Commander Calvin Rhodes, reporting sir.” He said, keeping his eyes locked on a point behind Paul’s head.

    The doors opened again suddenly as another officer walked in and stopped just inside the door. Tall and lean, with black hair that curled slightly at the collar and dark eyes which swept the room, a habit ingrained in him long ago. “Commander St. Cyr,” he said in the soft drawal that characterized his southern roots, “commanding the USS Steadfast and reporting as ordered, Sir.”

    Paul looked at the officers for a moment before waving them to take a seat. While he was distracted, Captain Tholev zh'Mairhc the Commanding Officer of the USS Sizemore entered the room. The Andorian looked around the room and saw that it was packed with the Commanding and Executive Officers from those ships that would be going to the Delta Quadrant and those that would provide protection.

    “General, I can now report that all personnel are present,” Tholev stated as he stood beside the marine.

    “Thank you, Captain,” Paul replied as he moved to the center of the room and touched a button bring up a map of the galaxy and zoomed onto the Delta Quadrant, “For those of you who think that they are dreaming, I can official state for the record that we have contact with Task Force Thirty-Eight.”

    “Eight months ago, following the Battle of the Round Table and the lost of the Federation Transwarp Gate; we had assumed that Task Force Thirty-Eight was lost and wrote off the Delta Quadrant,” Paul stated, “Yet, what remains of the task force has persevered in the fact that they have established several colonies in the Round Table and they have even returned to an area visited by Voyager in 2375. This region is known as the Gradin Belt.”

    Milo nodded from his seat near the head of the table as he pulled out his PADD and made a note to have the Science Department put together a report on everything they knew about the Gradin Belt. He also made a note to see if he could get access to Janeway’s logs involving Voyager’s experiences in that region. They might provide some insight into what they may encounter on the other side of the wormhole.

    Calvin watched the holographic image closely and took quick notes.

    Relief at the thought that the task force survived swept through him. From his seat off to one side, Lucien listened intently and also began to make notes in the abbreviated shorthand that had mystified more than one casual onlooker . He was a firm believer in doing his homework; after all, lives could depend on his preparation.

    “With access to this wormhole, Starfleet has decided a relief force to resupply the task force. If you haven’t already guessed, those of you in the room represent the newest additions to Task Force 38. If you also take a look at your manifiest, you will see that there are no dependents on this first wave.”

    Looking around the room, Paul could feel the tension once he made that announcement. This was something he had fought for with Starfleet. Using the controls, Paul zoomed out and highlighted an area of the map, “The reason that there are no non-critical civilians on ship in the first wave is quite simple in one word: Borg.”

    “The Borg Collective has largely ignored our presence in the Gradin Belt,” Paul said as he looked around the room, “However, you can all see that they are at least 85 light years away from the edge of Federation Space.”

    “Sir, what about the Voyager Technology,” a Commander asked.

    Paul looked at the Commander for a moment, “As it current stands, by order of the Department of Temporal Investigations, ‘The Voyager Technology is prohibited from research, development and production.’’’

    “As long as we’re not perceived as an imminent threat or as having technology or knowledge that would advance the Collective, they’ll likely continue to leave us alone,” Milo said, turning slightly to address the group. “They’ve shown that what they want is access to the Alpha Quadrant. That makes it vital we maintain the secrecy of Epatha. If the Borg find out about it, they’ll come for it.”

    Paul looked at the man and nodded, “The Commander has a point and that is something that needs to be address, if your command in near Borg Space; you are to appear non-threatening. Frankly, no one should be outside our sphere of influence until we have a proper power base. Are there any question or concerns?”

    “Will we be continuing operations in the Round Table,” Milo asked, “Or consolidating our resources and focusing on the Gradin Belt?”

    “At the moment, my order have been to secure the Gradin Belt,” Paul sated, “I want it known that we are not writing off the Round Table, but the Gradin Belt is what allows us access to the Delta Quadrant and it must be secure. Any other questions?”

    Milo looked over the notes on his PADD for a moment, “None here, Sir.”

    “None for me either, Sir,” Lucien added as he looked over at his former commanding officer. A personnel mixup had sent him to the Columbus as second in command, which hadn’t been a particular surprise, while the orders that had given him command of the Steadfast certainly had been.

    Calvin shook his head. “We will have Hypatia ready to go.” The Officer looked around nervously waiting to be dismissed.

    Paul looked around the room at the various officers and he could see the nervousness in some of the faces of the junior officers. This would be something very different for most of this officers since they were going to the one place that really gave no guarantee that they would be coming back.

    “I want to make one thing clear to everyone in this room. This is a voluntary mission, frankly I will no force any person to go through the wormhole,” Paul stated, “I will be leading this mission because frankly, we have people on the other side that have been without support for to long. It is my hope to see you all on the other side, get to you ships and head for the wormhole. You are to hold position until I give the order. Dismissed!”


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      ...USS Sizemore

      Appearing on the transporter padd of the Ares-class, the Sizemore, Paul blinked his eyes to clear the blue light of the transporter. The Sizemore’s current class was the fifth class to carry it name. When he had been appointed to fill the billet in the Delta Quadrant, he took the time to do some research and it had shocked him to find that USS Sizemore had started out as a Defiant-class starship in the Delta Quadrant. When his eyes had finally adjusted to the room’s current lighting level, Paul found Captain Tholev zh'Mairhc and his senior staff standing at attention.

      Sometimes it pays to wears the stars, Paul thought as he came down from the pad. Paul looked at the officer in front of him and suppressed a smirk.

      "Welcome aboard, the Sizemore, sir," Tholev stated as he looked at the General, "I’m pleased to report that the rest of the task force has reported in and we are ready to go. All we need is the word”."

      Paul smiled as he looked at the Captain, "Captain, the word is given."

      Tholev nodded as he raised his arm and hit his combadge, "Lieutenant Wakeman, pass the word to the task force, the word is given."

      Several decks above the transporter room, on the bridge relief Operations Officer for Alpha Shift, Lieutenant Victorina Wakeman sat in the center chair while the senior staff was greeting the flag officer. Normally she would stay out of the way of the bridge crew, however, at this moment she was about to fill a role she never thought about.

      “Aye, sir”

      Standing up from the chair, she pulled her uniform jacket down and looked around the bridge before turning to stare at the viewscreen.

      “Ensign Lockley, inform all ships that they are a go,” Wakeman order the Operations Officer, “Lieutenant th'Shuna, plot a course to Fourth of July Nebula, Warp Nine.”

      “Aye, sir.”

      “Yes, sir."

      Victorina resumed her seat and opened up a display on the armrest. Glancing down, she noticed that all of the ship assigned to this mission could reach Warp Nine and stay at that speed until they reached the Fourth of July Nebula. She had never been to the Delta Quadrant and frankly she was excited for this mission because it opened something new.

      ...USS Endurance

      The Endurance had been slightly late to the meeting, and as such Jaesivi had missed the briefing. A small technical glitch had caused them to wait in the Vulcan ship yards for longer than intended, and a few of the senior officers taken longer than planned to come aboard.

      Despite missing the briefing Jaesivi had still been able to access all the relevant information regarding their mission and their upcoming journey to the Epatha gateway and the Delta Quadrant.

      She was still musing a moment later when her Operations officer spoke. "Sir, communique from the USS Sizemore, we are departing now.”

      "Very good. Acknowledge them. Helm, keep us in formation with the other ships of the Task Force." Jaesivi smiled to herself, they were finally shipping out properly. In a few days they would traverse the wormhole and find themselves in the Delta Quadrant, and then they would be free to explore.

      ...USS Steadfast

      Non sibi sed omnibus. The words sprung to mind as transport ended and Lucien St. Cyr found himself once more on aboard the Ronin Class USS Steadfast. The ship’s motto, translated from latin to ‘not for myself, but for all,’ and he thought it fitting for a starfleet vessel, the first to carry the name for the Federation. In fact, everything about the Steadfast was new. New crew. New ship. New Captain. He had faith in his people and he was as ready as one could be for the challenges ahead.

      “Welcome back, Sir,” the transporter said with a nod that was as close to a smile as he generally got.

      “Thank you, Chief,” Lucien said in that soft, Creole accent he’d never quite lost. “Any word from your son? George, was it?”

      "Aye, Sir. George. Says Academy courses are hard but he’s doing alright.”

      " Good to hear," Lucien said as he headed out of the transporter room and up to the Bridge. Raktajino had gotten him through late-night study sessions and truth be told, Raktajino still got him through long briefings and all the intricacies of departure preparation. He stepped out onto the Bridge, alive with activity after its long slumber in the Fleet Yards.

      "Sir,” his Operations officer, Cayson Steele, said almost at once, “Message from the Sizemore. The word is given.”

      "Very good," Lucien said as he took the command chair. "Plot a course for the Fourth of July Nebula. Warp 9. Time for us to get to work.” And the slight smile on his face was reflected in the answering smiles of his bridge officers.
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        Emerging into the Fourth of July Nebula...

        The Fourth of July Nebula was a region in the Beta Quadrant that was a complex subspace geometry. Since it discovery, the Federation had sent a few ships to study it, but had never gone into dept..

        As the USS Sizemore and it’s task force exited warp it was faced with several vessels belonging to the Andorian Imperial Guard, which stood guard while Starfleet and the Federation debated what to do with the area. Paul stood on the bridge of the Sizemore as she exited warp and was confronted by a ship identified as the IGS Weytahn.

        The Eighteenth Patrol Group had been assigned to Task Force Ninety-Three in the aftermath of the two Federation planet’s lost within six months. Paul raised an eyebrow as an Andorian appeared on the view screen and appeared to look around before her eyes fell on Paul who was standing on the side of the bridge.

        “General Potter, I am Captain Shrys Ch'shaosrak and on behalf of the the Eighteenth I welcome you and your group to the Fourth of July,” the female Andorian said.

        Stepping forward Paul looked at her, “Thank you, Captain for the welcome and thank you for remaining behind to greet us.”

        “It was no problem, General,” Ch'shaosrak replied, “I will note that you are cutting it close.”

        Trust an Andorian to be blunt, Paul thought as he looked at her, “We were a bit delayed, but we arrived just in time. Captain, I need you to make a perimeter around the task force and then you can rejoin the rest of the Eighteenth.”

        “Understood, sir. Also I was told to inform you to hold the line,” Ch’shaosrak said.

        ‘Hold the Line’ had been the the motto of the Second Battalion of the newly created Third Division. It had been given to the battalion by then Major General Ashol Ch'shaosrak, the then Commanding General of the Third Division.

        “Captain zh'Mairhc!”

        Tholev stood up and came to stand beside Paul at they watched the Epatha Gateway. Looking at the watch in his wrist, Paul saw that they had a few more minutes.


        Paul turned to the male Andorian, “Captain, open a channel to the Task Force.”

        Nodding, Tholev walked back to his chair and pressed a few buttons on the armrest of his chair before nodding at the flag officer. Paul turned around and looked around the bridge. He could see young faces who still had the eager look and he could see several of the older members of the crew whom had lost that eager look somewhat.

        “Well, this is it. We are now just waiting for the gateway to form fully and then we are going to have fifteen minutes to get everyone through. In this group, we have those whom have just graduated from either Starfleet Academy or School. We are going back to place that was last explored by the USS Voyager over a decade ago. For those that are anxious, I can tell you that you are not alone. We are going from somewhere where we know who we are and who are allies and enemies are to a place where we have one ally and those adversaries that would see us ground into the dust.”

        Paul took a breath as he looked around the bridge once more, he could see that he had everyone attention as he turn back to the view screen and could see the gateway starting to form, “I am going to make everyone a promise today. I promise that I will do everything in my power to defend you while we are away from home. I can promise you, that an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. I can promise you that you are not alone in your thoughts. I can promise you that we shall defend the gateway with everything we have. And I can promise you that if it seems we are about to be overrun, that I will do everything in my power to make sure that our loved one are not in danger.”

        As Paul finished his speech, the gateway had full formed. His orders from Command were simple, get in the quadrant; rebuild the Task Force and defend their interest and if it seems like you were about to be over run by anyway, find a way to destroy the gateway. Standing in the middle of the bridge, Paul looked at the gateway before turning his attention to the Flight Control Officer, “Helm, take us to Warp Nine point Nine. All power to shields, if you don’t need it take power from all non-essentials programs and reroute it to shields.”

        “Aye, sir.”

        “Sir, on you word?”

        Raising his head, Paul turned around and took a seat with the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer. This was something that would be historic and he didn’t want to ruin it because he fell to the floor.

        He took a deep breath, “Go!”
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          Kartelan Station…

          Aerospace Traffic Controller Second Class M'Miras sat at one of the many stations that was used to control traffic around Kartelan Station or Starbase Thirty-Eight. She had been assigned to the base since it was first open and tonight it was another slow shift. M'Miras thought about sending a message to her beloved and seeing if he wanted to talk since he was on medical leave. That idea was forced out of her head as an alarm began to sound from her station.

          Shocked filled her as she noticed that the alarm was from a buoy near the Epatha Gateway, her training to over as she jumped from her seat, “Commander Lusar, we have incoming from the Gateway.”

          Lieutenant Commander Vegud Lusar had been walking over to her station when her words forced him to stop. A quick calculation in his head allowed him to remember that today was the forty-fifth day, but there had been no word from Starfleet or the Federation. Then again, no one really knew how the gateway work since everything was an idea at the moment.

          “Red Alert,” Lusar ordered as he moved to the center of the room, “I want the CAP on the gateway within the next two minutes, and then I want our Aerospace Wing right behind them. I want the Gamma Rapid Deployment Force right behind the CAP.”

          “Aye, aye, sir.”

          “Yes, sir.”

          Standing at the center table, Vegud watched as the Combat Aerospace Patrol change course and opened up their throttle as they flew to the gateway. He also watched as the ships that were attached to the base changed course and flew. A thought entered his head and or a moment he was embarrassed to have thought it slipped his mind, “Someone better wake up the Admiral.”

          "Wake me for what?" asked the booming voice of Admiral Michael Drake as he strolled into the Kartelan Command & Control deck at the top of the Tower. The zest in his step and the excitement on his face hardly looked that of a sixty-seven-year-old aging diplomat who'd found himself, by accident, at the helm of Task Force 38. "I wouldn't miss this moment for anything." Ever since Lieutenant Edir had brought the Khepri back with news from the other side forty-five days ago, he'd been counting down the days, hopeful that today would mark the beginning of a new era for the Task Force. "Please tell me we've got some good news from the Gateway?" After almost a year alone, today they might finally once again have some friendly company.

          Lieutenant Commander Vegud Lusar snapped to attention, “Nothing yet, sir, however, I have not taken the chance that it something. CAP is onsite followed by Gamma Rapid Deployment Force and the Aerospace Wing is leaving now.”

          Admiral Drake, who'd only donned his pips again out of need after the Task Force was stranded following the Battle of Starbase 900, chuckled at the military efficiency of Lieutenant Commander Lusar. "No optimism Commander?" There was no reason to assume the new arrivals through the Gateway were anything but Starfleet ships here to reinforce them.

          “No sir,” Vegud replied as he looked at the flag officer, “We do not have a good history with these, Admiral and I rather ask forgiveness later than to be hit for a third time, sir.”

          The Admiral nodded solemnly out of respect to the tumultuous past that many of these officers had with the Delta Quadrant. Since the Fourth Fleet's early days in the quadrant, they'd, again and again, struggled to maintain a connection with home. First, it was the F'hoca Gateway, which was destroyed in the Battle of Union, cutting them off from what was now referred to as the Old Theatre - although thankfully everyone made it out that time. Then it was the Solaria Gateway, which was destroyed in 2388, stranding the Task Force in the Delta Quadrant. The Epatha Gateway was indeed their third connection, and if history were to be repeated, maybe it too would be too good to be true. "I prefer to think of it as third time's the charm."

          Shrugging, Vegud turned his attention to the table as the CAP took up formation on either side of the ships assigned to the Gamma Watch Rapid Deployment Force. The Thirty-eighth Aerospace Wing were several light-minutes behind the first line. He could already see some of the vessels in the area that were not assigned to the base already following the Aerospace Wing. Vegud hoped that the Admiral was right, but he had been an Ensign when the Solaria was lost, and he still had nightmares over it.

          “Kartlean Actual, what are the rules of engagement?”

          “Standby,” Vegud stated as he looked at the Admiral, “Sir?”

          "Red carpet first, banquet second?" quipped the Admiral to no one's amusement except a petty officer over by the communications console. "But seriously, the Gateway is presently aligned with the Fourth of July Nebula, which means that short of Tal'Shiar spy ship, any arrival is probably good news." Still, the folks around him on the bridge didn't seem completely appeased by the answer, so he gave them something to do: "Go to yellow alert, double check the com relays, and let's see if we can't get whomever these new arrivals are on the horn."

          The lights around the operation center changed from their red color to a yellow color and provided a little more lightening in the room. Various personnel went about checking the communication relay which should be connected to the relay on the other side.

          Master Chief Operations Specialist Porter Wyse began pulling up the backlog of the communication relay. Several messages had been marked for Commander, Task Force Thirty-Eight, so he moved those to the right inbox.

          “I have a contact!”

          Looking at the table, Wyse saw that they had an unidentified ship on sensors. Taking a chance, Wyse opened the last log and found what he needed.“It’s the Sizemore and reinforcement!”

          Vegud tapped a few buttons and brought up the log in question. He raised his eyebrows as he looked who was being transported on the USS Sizemore. “Admiral, you might want to see who on the More.”

          "How many ships coming through? Who've we got aboard?" asked the Admiral.

          “I have thirty ships listed as providing the transponder to the relay,” Master Chief Wyse stated from his station.

          Admiral Drake beamed. Captain Hickerson had done it. He'd moved heaven and earth, and Starfleet Command had responded with what, by the sound of it, was basically a full task force of ships. Since the Battle of Starbase 900, it had been a logistics nightmare, stripping one vessel to fix three others, and they were really getting mighty short on supplies. Maybe they'd sent someone to relieve him too. This was never the job he'd asked for. He'd merely accepted it because it was necessary. Maybe this would mean he'd once again get to see his family.

          “Sir, the flag is Major General Paul Potter,” Vegus said as he looked at the map, “Master Chief, open a channel to the Sizemore.”

          “Channel Opened.”

          Aboard the USS Sizemore, Paul sat in his seat watching the viewscreen as the Ares-class starship cleared the event horizon. This gave him his first view of the Delta Quadrant, and he was shocked and happy to see the greeting that he was getting. Turing to Captain Tholev zh'Mairhc, he gave him a smile, “I guess we add communicate issues to the list of bugs for the relays between the two egress.”

          Tholev gave his superior officer a glare before standing up, “Helm, clear us from the exit and inform our host that we need to clear way.”

          “Aye sir, transmitted orders.”

          Taking a deep breath, Paul stood up from his chair and pulled on his uniform jacket. He was finally in the Delta Quadrant, and this would be the test for him. He was applauding the greeting he had gotten, and it was nice to see that even though they knew or suspected who was coming today, they were still prepared to greet the guest with weapons hot. He had read up on Task Force Thirty-Eight, and those soul who had been assigned to this quadrant were the bravest that he had read about. They had been without any support from Starfleet for a year, and they had made it work. It was time to show them that they were not forgotten.

          “Sir, we are being hailed.”

          Paul looked at the Operation Officer for a moment, “Open a channel.”

          “USS Sizemore this is Kartelan Operations, please respond.”

          “This is Major General Potter, Commander of Task Force Thirty-Eight,” Paul stated as the viewscreen came online a room that was quiet.

          "Major General," smiled Admiral Drake, "welcome to our cozy little part of the galaxy. I see you brought some friends too. Everyone make the trip through the wormhole alright?"

          “We have all made it,” Paul replied, “Admiral, I’ll be beaming over in a few minutes. We have some things to talk about.”

          "Looking forward to it General."

          Paul watched as the screen fade and took a moment to look around the bridge, “Captain, move the group away from the wormhole. Assume a normal position around the base.”

          “Aye, sir,” Tholev said as he resumed his seat. He was finally going to be able to take command of his ship after getting the General off. He didn’t have anything against, the flag officer because he was a marine, it was just a general principle among the commanding officers that when a flag officer was on your bridge, you were second in command.