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    Greetings One and All,

    Due to the continued effort and productivity, ensuring that members of the simm are engaged and creative in the content that is made for not just others on the simm to write but also outsiders I would like to do a first since assuming the role as Teh Kitteh Overlord of Task Force 72.

    On this day I promote Commander Temple of the Pandora to the rank of CAPTAIN.

    I hope to see the Pandora continue on its ventures and granting more people the opportunity to read and enjoy the content that he and his crew create.


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    Congrats Temple


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      Congrats, Captain! Well deserved!


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        Oh wow, thank you so much! I'm absolutely so grateful for the opportunity to lead this sim and work with a tremendously talented crew; the last seven months have been the best of my simming life and I just can't thank everybody enough.

        Most importantly, I want to give my appreciation for the support and encouragement of Solaris and Moss, our comrades in TF72, and the amazing community of Bravo Fleet.

        Thank you everyone.

        Commander Nycolas Temple
        Commanding Officer, USS Pandora
        Secretary Magnus Temple
        Secretary of the Exterior, Palais de la Concorde
        Major Jesse Temple
        Marine Commanding Officer, Deep Space 12


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          Congrats Captain, well-earned title!