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A Long Overdue Promotion

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  • A Long Overdue Promotion

    For the past year there have been many who played vital roles in making TF9 what it is, but one among them has done especially hard and difficult work. Often in the background with no expectation of reward or recognition. Without him TF9 would be very different and things such as the new canon couldn't have happened. I am of course talking about our TFXO JamesG . It is due to his hard work and contributions to the TF and Bravo Fleet as a whole that I have nominated him for a promotion. I am glad to say the Bravo Fleet Command Council agrees with me and has approved the request.

    As such I am honoured to hereby promote Commodore David Hutchinson to the rank of Rear Admiral.

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    Congratulations James!


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      Thank you very much!

      USS Vindex
      | Task Force 9 | Bravo Fleet Sim of the Year 2016


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        Congrats on promotion
        Formerly Lt General Jagged Anderson Academy Commandant
        Formerly Rear Admiral Diego Macedo TFCO Task Force 38


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          Congratulations on your promotion!!!

          Former Task Force 72 Commanding Officer