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  • A Special Recognition

    Simming has hid a rough patch in the past decade, the age where sims could easily go on for years has mostly come to an end with a lot of sims quickly rising and then falling again. The rarity of a sim not just surviving but excelling after years as such has become something worth of special recognition. I am glad to say Task Force 9 has one of these sims. The USS Black Hawk, while it has a history long before its current incarnation, has become four.

    I still remember when I became TFXO the Black Hawk was around and kicking ass, with only a small exception the Black Hawk has always been a member of Task Force 9 and the Task Force has been better for it.

    As such it is my absolute joy to, on behalf of the Task Force Senior Staff and I am sure the full Task Force, congratulate the Black Hawk's Captain and its full crew on this amazing achievement. That you may continue simming for many years more.