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A New Task Force Senior Staff and Other Promotions

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  • A New Task Force Senior Staff and Other Promotions

    As you all know several weeks ago JamesG resigned from his position of TFXO to dedicate more time to his family and other writing endeavours. While it remains unfortunate to see him go we have nevertheless been in the process of finding a worthy replacement. Today it is with pleasure that I can make a joyous announcement on the results of this process. I want to thank everyone who applied for the position, it was a difficult process to choose with a lot of capable candidates but only one can gain the position in the end. As such I have promoted Kai1701E to be TFXO of Task Force 9. For the now open seat of Task Group Vanguard Commanding Officer I have asked another applicant, Teix to fill this seat. I am confident in the ability of both to make Task Force 9 even better than it already is and I look forward to working with them to achieve that permanent goal. As part of his new duties I have granted Teix the rank of Commodore for a character of his choosing. Kai will return at the Rear Admiral level.

    Today, however, I am not only announcing the changes to the TFSS but also providing recognition to the other COs in 9, some that have shown themselves rising stars and others that have worked consistently for the Task Force for the past years.

    First of all, I am promoting Commander Scott Kenway to the rank of Captain. Jeffero has led the Triton after the sim had only recently lost its first CO and then another due to health issues. Despite significant challenges posed by real life he has kept the Triton consistent and a worthy part of Task Force 9. I look forward to this sim's future and his potential in the fleet.

    Second, I am also promoting Commander Elizabeth Hart to the rank of Captain, Hart has rapidly made the Proxima a main part of Task Force 9 and he has displayed great leadership potential. I imagine we will keep seeing great things coming from there.

    Then last, but anything except least. I am promoting Commander Richard Wayne to the rank of Captain. aparry has rapidly grown the Valhalla and made it produce compelling stories that form a worthy addition to our collective canon. Not only that but he has also shown a great involvement in the fleet at large and helping Task Force 9 specifically succeed.

    I would like to take this chance to thank all the applicants and of course all the COs and players in our beautiful Task Force for working to make it the best it can be.

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    Congratulations to all!

    Former Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
    Please Note: Not a Current Member of the BFA or TF72 Staff